I’m a klutz and injury prone. The klutziness I inherited but the injuries, I think some of that fault can be placed right on my shoulders. My knee hurts. Not badly but just enough when I bend it, it pinches a little bit right under my knee cap. Boo. I was feeling a little bit sore after my awesome 10 mile run last weekend, but I stretched (not enough) and iced (not long). I did my interval run on Tuesday which I accidentally lost count of how many I’d done and added an extra one. I didn’t really feel it during that run but Wednesday it hurt a little more.

I’m stubborn and thought oh its fine. I went to my weekly class where I’m pretty sure I tweaked it ever so slightly during one of our crazy circuits. Woke up yesterday and it hurt. Not throbbing pain but I knew that I should not run. What’s recommended when you’re feeling a little pain, R.I.C.E.HH of course. Rest, ice, compression, elevation and happy hour. Happy hour is my personal contribution. Good friends, food and drinks are always a good distraction from being annoyed that you’re missing a run. Last night instead of my Thursday tempo run, I meet three of my favorite ladies for happy hour.

Ella was a total angel. She happily sat in her high chair chowing down on pita and hummus and some blueberry oatmeal.

She put it away; I could not believe how much she ate. She flirted with the table of men sitting behind us and smiled sweetly at the waitress which caused a back-up because they were all stopping to say how adorable she was. I eat that up. For real, I never get sick of people saying I have a cute kid.

Back to the hurt. Happy hour took my mind of my sore knee and today it’s feeling better. Today is a scheduled rest day and even more importantly marks date night! I’m thinking that I’ll try to do my long run for the week still. Luckily it’s a taper week so I only have 6 miles to do. From now on I’m going to be way more dedicated to stretching post run and need to be better about icing after long runs. I can’t expect my body to put up with the crap I put it through if I don’t give it a little love.

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