Sunday Six

We had a good weekend full of friends and beautiful weather. It all started with date night with my handsome hubby.

We really need to start having other people take pictures of us. We lingered over a candlelit, delicious three course meal during which we enjoyed a bottle of wine and 2.5 uninterrupted hours of adult time. Ella (it was reported) was an angel for our new babysitter. Yep, we now have a go-to babysitter thanks to a referral by my BFF Sarah. That is cause for celebration around our house!

Saturday while Josh was skiing, Ella and I met my lady friend Thalia for lunch.

Lunching ladies! While I was in the neighborhood I stopped by Babies R’ Us, (love their Mother’s Room!) and Whole Paycheck to stock up on meats. I got home just in time to clean up a little bit before our world-traveler friend Jeff arrived to enjoy some Indian food with us. Last year Jeff went to 17 countries. Crazy right? He brought a very special gift for Ella. It was a mini rosary that had touched the tombs of Mother Teresa and two other saints.

Sunday we had perfect spring weather. After the must-dos for the day, I packed up this little beauty (BTW her 8 month update is coming) and set out for my run.

The two of us did the first three miles of my six together. With two stops for dropped toys and one stop to get her hat off her face, we covered 3 miles in just over 28 minutes. Ella was getting restless so I dropped her with dad and set off for my second loop around the neighborhood. I finished in 26 minutes which I think is the fastest I’ve ever done it. I even stopped for a short walk break when I got a side stitch. Those interval workouts seem to be doing some good. I’m happy to report that my knees are feeling good! Phew.

Sadly there were a lot of people who were not lucky enough to have a great weekend like we did. Devastating tornadoes ripped through Kentucky and several other states. Please consider making a donation to The Red Cross.

To end on a happy note, a HUGE congratulations to my friends Kirsten and Brandon who are expecting their first baby this August!

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