All About Miss Ella – Month Eight

Ella is eight months old! She seemed to have a huge growth spurt this month. She just looks so big now! She weighs 15lbs 2oz and is 26 inches long.

I officially retired her 0-3 month clothes. They were well loved! It’s fun putting her in all her new clothes.

I think that she could wear something different for an entire month. I feel like she’s well on her way to catching up with other babies her age.

Speaking of baby friends, she has recently had a hard time sleeping at daycare because her friend James was making eyes at her, talking and smiling. Apparently she had to flirt back which has been more important than sleeping. Much to her dismay, James just moved up to the next room because he’s crawling all over the place. I assured her that in a few weeks she’ll be reunited with him. And it begins, like mother like daughter.

This month Ella has really started to like eating, purees even. She eats purees once a day at daycare. I’m not quite comfortable sending table foods there. She is a total food snob. She refuses carrots, but loves papaya, mango, beets, hummus, homemade falafel and minestrone soup as well as Indian dahl.

She just doesn’t want us to hold back on the spices. Must have been all the ethnic foods I ate while I was pregnant.

We took Ella to her first basketball game where she got to see CAM the Ram. It was the first animal she’s seen up close other than a dog.

She loved snowshoeing even though when we put her in the snow she hates it.

She has gotten so good at clapping. If you clap at something, she’ll do it too, especially if you sing If You’re Happy and You Know It. She’s also figured out if you hit two toys together they make a sound. She’s all about that, oh and throwing/dropping things. That’s a fun new game she likes to play with mom and dad. Once it’s out of sight, she looks and looks for it, until we pick it up.

She’ll reach and reach for toys of out of reach which has lead to her falling on her face a few times. She’s also figured out that if she pulls the blanket towards her, it will bring those toys to her.

She’s a smart one.

She’s not crawling officially, but will spin herself in circles and push backwards. She’s trying to figure it out and gets so frustrated.  She will ocassionally do the butt scoot to get to where she wants to be.I’m sure she’ll figure it out soon; hopefully not when I’m traveling for work later this month.

She’s been babbling like crazy. This weekend she woke me saying dada over and over again. I’m not sure if I should count it as her first word. She’s having a love affair with her daddy right now. Her first Valentine:

I think he’s by far her favorite person at the moment. It makes me a little bit sad that I’m not #1 but watching her with her daddy makes me melt.

Other favorites right now include Cordouroy Goes to the Doctor, Sofie the Giraffe, blocks and her chain of shapes, playing Patty Cake, and fake coughing. She is not a fan of diaper changes when she’s hungry, her carseat, or being tired (that’s when the high pitched screeching starts).

Sleeping has been crazy lately. She’ll have a really bad night and then sleep like an angel the next. I’m hesitant to mention it because I don’t want to jinx it but for the past two nights she’s slept from 7-4:30 am then gone back to sleep until about 8.

For a few days my typically happy baby was GRUMPY. I swore it must have been teething but then she was ok a few days later with not a bud to be seen. Just in case I ordered her an amber teething necklace.

This age is SO much fun. Ella is so interactive and actually plays with us. She’s such a little person now. She greets us with a smile, is learning how to give kisses and will reach for the person she wants. She has about a hundred different smiles and I’m pretty sure that she has already perfected her courtesy smile. She has also perfected her judging look…

That gem she got from her dad.

I’m finding myself taking obscene amounts of pictures and videos trying to capture all of these moments that I don’t want to forget.

2 thoughts on “All About Miss Ella – Month Eight

  1. Aww, Miss Ella! Such style already with the pearls. No wonder she’s a flirt!

    I’m going to have to try some of your food list. Miles loves beets so I’m betting that he’s going to want some more interesting foods, too.

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