What not to do

This weekend was busy and before I knew what hit me, the weekend was nearly over and I hadn’t run the 10 miles that were on my schedule. Crap. Apparently I just wanted to do what I could to sabotage this run including:

1. Going shopping wearing shoes that gave me nasty, painful, bleeding blisters on my heels. There is nothing like having blisters right where your running shoes hit your heel.

2. Eating a HUGE BBQ bacon cheeseburger the night before because I failed to eat anything other than toast and a smoothie from Starbucks all day because I was too busy shopping. I made sure I washed it down with a beer.

3. Having the time change. Spring ahead, blah, no thank you. Total sleep from Friday-Sunday, I think about 8 hours.

4. Enjoying two champagne flutes of Prosecco with the mommies during baby playdate.

 I had to throw that one in because there is just so much cuteness going on!

5. Wearing a new top and failing to remember to put on Body Glide to prevent chaffing. Raw arms hurt, especially in the post run shower.

6. Also failing to remember to put bandaids on previously mentioned blisters. Socks sticking in wounds also hurts.

7. Starting run at 4:15 pm.

8. Forgeting sunglasses and running around a lake with a dusty path in the wind.

In spite of best efforts to cause a horrible run, it went really well. I think I just lost myself in the scenery around MacIntosh Lake. It was a beautiful 62 degrees when I finally started running. Running skirt and tank top during our snowiest month of the year, yes please!

The first five miles actually flew by probably because I was so busy people watching. Once I hit that 5 mile mark, I started getting tired. My body just wanted me to run home and go to bed. I switched it up and did 10:1 run/walking intervals. That helped the exhaustion and I actually started running faster with the addition of my leisurely walk breaks. I even pulled out an 8:13 min/mile on my last mile! 

After 93 minutes of running I was done, ready to stretch and make some homemade pizza with my two favorite people. I’m glad today is a scheduled rest day because that sleeping, yeah hasn’t happened yet. Last night I think there was 4 hours.

One thought on “What not to do

  1. Nice save! Its so hard to motivate with all those things working against you! But you did it and ended up with a great run. (love that you drink prosecco at playdates!)

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