What’s in a size?

I did something just for me last weekend. I went shopping and though I picked up a few things for Josh and Ella, it was all about me. Let me just tell you, aside from the blisters I got on my heel from bad shoes, it was awesome!

I cleaned up pretty well at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Gap. 

The goods include:

3 pairs of work pants
2 button down blouses
2 work appropriate tank tops
1 blazer
1 pair of shorts
1 long sleeved shirt
2 casual tanks
1 pair of new black heels
1 casual cardigan
1 workout tank

You know what the most exciting part for me was though.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you that is a 2 you’re seeing on those tags. I was shocked and I’m sure that it must just be vanity sizing but for the first time in my adult life I own clothing that is a size 2. My mouth literally dropped open when I was trying on pants at Ann Taylor and dresses at Gap. I kept asking the fitting room chick at Ann Taylor to bring me more pants because the two pairs I had must have been stitched incorrectly. I’m pretty sure she thought I was crazy.

Now I don’t consider myself petite or skinny, thinish sure, but not that small. I am 5’6″ tall and this morning I weighed 124.5 lbs, my natural waist is 26.5″, widest part of my hips (around my butt) 37.5 and my bust around 33 inches now. So I decided to Google and this great article from The New York Times popped up. I found it really interesting. I would be a size 12 back in the 30’s when sizes 0 didn’t even exist and a 2 was almost nonexistant.

Interesting isn’t it? It’s no wonder shopping at different stores is such a pain. Like the women in the article, I wear a 4-6 at American Eagle, 4 at Gap and Banana and up to a 8-10 in other brands. Though the size of my clothing shouldn’t matter because it’s about how I feel and how they fit me, it did kind of boost my body image. Good job Ann Taylor and Gap, you got me. I don’t know when or why women’s clothing started having different sizing than mens, but we should just got back to that. How much easier would it be to shop by size in inches?

Do you shop and certain stores because of their sizing?

One thought on “What’s in a size?

  1. Nice haul! You got such sassy (and grown up) clothes. And congrats on the “2” … and your skinny minny self. JEALOUS!

    I wear a 2 at Old Navy and Ann Taylor Loft, usually, and I love shopping there for that reason. It spoils me to the point that I got upset that I had to get a 4 at Kohls. Ridiculous, I know. I think the sizing is a bit ludicrous because I know there are women who are far skinnier than me, and it makes me wonder how they find clothes.

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