Adventures in Solo Parenting

I have a huge amount of respect for people that are single parents. It’s a whole new bag of challenges. Josh is currently in Boston which means unadulterated one-on-one time for me and Ella, oh yes and Lucky who yesterday stole an entire package of graham crackers off the counter. Anyway, this isn’t Josh’s first trip away but it is the first time he’s traveled during the work week.

I’ve found I have to be incredibly organized to get us out of the house in the morning which means nighttime is prep time. Running? Ha. The past two night have gone something like this:

3:45ish-Pick Ella up from daycare. Damn another poopsplosion. Must do laundry.

4:15-Get home, feed Ella who is at this point trying to rip my shirt off. Once she’s satisfied, head down the street for some time in a swing while the weather is still nice.

5ish-Figure out what to feed Ella for dinner. I was smart yesterday and put soup in the crockpot for myself. I rinsed some of the beans and shredded chicken for Ella. She LOVED it.

5:30ish-Clean up disaster area known as my kitchen and hose off Ella while trying to keep Lucky from jumping into her new highchair for scraps. Did I mention that our cabinets have no doors on them right now which means it looks like a warzone? Hello home renovation. It’s making me feel anxious seeing all the crap that is in our cabinets all the time.

6:15pm-Get teased when Ella falls asleep nursing and stays sleeping in bed for 20 mins. Just long enough for me to put the soup in the fridge and wash the crockpot.

6:45pm-Playtime with Ella and attempt at Skyping daddying before we realize his internet isn’t working. Boo.

8:00pm-After a marathon nursing session, Ella is out like a light. Now my prep for the next day starts: transferring milk into daycare bottles, packaging her foods, making my lunch, clean all milk storage bottles for return to work tomorrow, lay out clothes for Ella and myself.

8:45 pm-Yeay, I’m getting a run in! I did a modified speed workout for about a half hour.

9:20pm-Crap I still have to pump and then clean up from that.

10:00pm- Check on Ella, still sleeping, yes! Go to bed myself.

2am-Ella wakes for some milk and is nice enough to be done in about 20 mins.

5am-Wake up call. Time to get ready, feed Lucky and pack everything into the car.

6am-Ella wakes up and is all smiles. Thank goodness. She eats, gets dressed, I squeeze her and take a pic because she looks exceptionally cute (ok so I always think this).

6:35 am-Arrive at daycare for drop off. Makes me sad that she’s the only baby there and I say goodbye about a dozen times. Luckily she’s distracted enough with the jumper thing that she doesn’t cry, but I’m on the verge. Drop off sucks!

6:50am-Finally on my way to work after sitting in the daycare parking lot getting myself hooked up to my pump for a morning drive/pumping session. Yeah, I’m one of those people who does weird things in there car. I call it multi-tasking and sweet sweet relief.

I’ve been getting to work later than normal, like 7:35-45ish, but luckily my boss has been great. He said it’s a one week thing, not a forever thing, do what you need to do. Phew.

Boy am I glad it’s not a forever thing. I love Ella but I cannot imagine this craziness being my life. I’m so lucky that I have such an awesome husband. Next week he’ll be the solo parent when I head to Boston for a trade show. Luckily my mom will be in town for a few days to help him out!

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