Take Me to the River

By my last full day in Boston there was one thing I hadn’t done. I had not run outside. That was just not ok. I had to get out and enjoy the weather and scenery. I woke up extra early, got dressed, laced up my shoes and headed out. I was armed with my phone and the map of a 5 mile route The Westin mapped out for me.

The streets were almost empty and the sun was just coming up. The morning fog hadn’t yet started to burn off and it was nice and cool. Perfect.

As I approached the river, I had eased into a comfortable pace. I left my Garmin at the hotel because I didn’t want to focus on anything other than taking in the city.

Yes I was that person who stopped along the way to take pictures. I loved every single minute of my run. Sometimes naked (Garmin-free) runs are my favorite. 

I might be weird but I think running (walking too) around a city is the best way to sight see. A running tour of a city would be right up my alley. My favorite all-time run was in Florence, but Boston was great too!

What city is your favorite to run in?

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