Dress Rehearsal

The last long run. You know the one, the last one you do before a race. The one that tests you mentally and physically. It either builds up your confidence or knocks it down. This morning was my last long run, my dress rehearsal.

This time I was well hydrated, remember my Body Glide and sunscreen. It was already better than last week. Josh, Ella and Lucky joined me for the first 3.5 miles. They flew by. It helped that we had a nice view.

When they turned around it was nice to know that I had completed a quarter of my run. Now I just had 8.5 miles to go. Easier said than done. I took my first Shot Blok around mile 4.5 and guzzled some water. I took my second round about mile 8, the same time I ran out of water. Damn.

Thank goodness I came to a park that had a water fountain. It was getting hot and I was super thirsty. I took my final bloks at mile 10. At this point I was dragging. I stopped looking at my watch and just focused on getting through the final two miles.

I ran out of water again at mile 11. That made 40oz gone during the run. I swear that the little picnic area at the trailhead kept getting farther and farther away. I definitely should have planned my run so I had the mountains to look at during the final stretch. I finally made it, 12 miles, just a five minutes shy of two hours. Feeling overheated as it was 80 degrees, a little disappointed and defeated, I stretched and headed home.

I know that I’ll be able to get through my race in two weeks. This confirmed that, but my hopes for it to be a sub-2 hour run are feeling really unrealistic right now. Good thing I have another race lined up in May.

One thought on “Dress Rehearsal

  1. The worse my last long runs are before a race the better the actual race is for me. You’re going to do great and I bet you run faster than you think you will. Never underestimate race day adrenaline. Have fun!

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