All About Miss Ella – Month Nine

Someone is three quarters of a year old.

My big girl is 15lbs 13oz and 25.25 inches long which is shorter than I reported last month but reassured, she did not shrink, I just suck at measuring a squirmy baby. She’s rocking the 10th percentile for weight and dropped to the 3rd for height. No wonder all her 0-3 month pants still fit. Those cheeks are still prime for squeezing and kissing.

This month was a bit on the rough side. Ella had Hand, Foot and Mouth followed by pink eye. Yes, we are that lucky. We initially mistook HF&M for teething until her rash appeared.

Poor thing was miserable. She would sleep only on me and only wanted me. Luckily by the time I had to leave for Boston, she was digging hanging with Daddy again and her Nana. Speaking of Nana, Ella got to meet her Great Grandma Sutton this month.

Four generations together for the first time.

Ella has become quite the gymnast. She specializes in backbends during diaper changes and rolling during just about anything else. She’s discovered she can wiggle and move to where she wants to be. She’s trying so hard to crawl…

but hasn’t quite made it. She is also trying to figure out how to pull herself up. She will pull and pull until her little arms shake. She’s gotten her butt off the floor but hasn’t quite gotten strong enough to pull herself completely up. Just in case we’re lowering her crib mattress this weekend.

Standing is probably her new favorite thing to do aside from throwing toys and food to Lucky.

She’d rather be standing than doing just about anything else. She will stand until she just can’t take it anymore then cry for one of us to help her get down. One of these days she’ll figure out that she can just fall to her butt.

Now that Ella is such a big girl, she’s moved up from the newborn/infant room to the walking/crawling infant room. Holy shit, my baby is on her way to being a toddler. How did that happen? Of course tears were induced when they handed me her little binder that featured a picture from her first day.

Um, what happened to this tiny thing? Anyway, she’s adjusting really well to her new room and teachers. She’s been taking awesome naps and I’m sure she’ll be crawling or maybe just walking in the next couple of weeks. No one wants to be the only baby in the room that doesn’t move on their own.

Ella is really into sounds right now. Making them with her mouth and banging on things. She loves banging toys together as well as using them as drums.

Her fine motor skills are really improving. She’s mastered the pincher grip. She loves picking Cheerios up one by one and putting them into her mouth. She’s also gotten really good at passing toys from one hand to the other, throwing things (she has quite the arm) and looking for things that she has thrown, dropped or we’ve taken away. She has no trouble expressing her displeasure when we take something away.

Her favorite things right now are swings, playing outside,

patty cake, books, baths in the big bath tub, and standing. Oh and boys, definitely boys.

While Milo who is 19 months old was visiting last weekend, she was loving him. She watched him so intently, would smile, clap and squeal with excitement. I swear they were talking to each other. He’d babble, she’d babble and then start laughing. It was the cutest! It’s so strange, she hasn’t done this at our other playdates.

Ella is not at all enjoying diaper changes, getting dressed, face planting when she reaches a little too far or sleeping through the night. As far as sleeping goes, I think her brain just won’t turn off. The other night she looked half asleep but was on her belly with her butt in the air. Even in her sleep she’s trying to crawl.

I think this age has been the most fun so far. Ella loves playing with mommy and daddy. She super interested in the world around her and is just funny. The sounds of her laughter and how she claps when she gets excited just melt my heart.

Last picture…promise!

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