5k Fun

Last night I did a quick interval workout. Three half mile repeats were all my workout called for. That is my kind of speed work! Without realizing it at the time, I ran my fastest 5k ever…26 minutes and like 15 seconds. That may be nothing to speedy runners, but I was impressed with myself.

This got me thinking, it’s time that I do a short race again. Spring time is the perfect time for a 5k. Enter, Mud Hen Run. Cheap registration fee, check! Nice course with good views, check and check! After my half marathon this month, but before my next one in May, check!

That is that. I’m registered for my first 5k of the season! It is at my favorite running spot in Longmont, MacIntosh Lake. My goal is to set an official new race PR. My standing one is 28 minutes and a few seconds. I think I can do it.

Sometimes I forget that races don’t all have to be endurance events. This season I am going to aim to mix in 5 and 10k races with my half marathons. It should be a fun year!

What’s your favorite distance to race?

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