Weekend Lessons

This weekend was jam packed full of family and activities. It included one first communion, one dodge ball tournament, one baptism, a long run, unloading boxes of food back into our almost finished kitchen cabinets, and those are just the highlights. In the craziness I learned a few things:

1. About 90 minutes is as long as a 9.5 month old will handle being in a church.

2. When you go to bed on Friday night with a reluctant army crawler, don’t be surprised when you wake up on Saturday and she’s doing this:

3. When your baby decides to tackle mobility all in one day, it’s time to get baby proofing. Oh and definitely lower the crib mattress.

4. The hills in Highlands Ranch are no joke. They are awesome when you run down them, but the thing is, you have to run back up them to get home.

5. Gummy bears may be good enough fuel for some on long runs, but not for me. I need GU.

6. Never trust a teenage girl behind the wheel while on the phone, even when pulling out of a church parking lot. I came about three inches from being hit by a car on my run. Pretty sure I made a dent in her hood when I hit it with the water bottle I was carrying. Definitely scared her when I yelled at her.

7. I HATE carrying a water bottle in my hand. Not a fan of the Fuel Belt but would take that over carrying a water bottle any day. As you can see, I was ill prepared for a 10 mile run.

8. Foregoing normal 2-3 hours naps two days in a row because you want to hang with all of the cousins and practice your new skills, will lead to a meltdown during a late afternoon baptism. Yes, my child is the one screaming in the home video. Oops.

What a weekend it was. Josh and I looked at the calendar this weekend and realized that we have something planned every single weekend until mid-July. Summer is going to be here and gone before we know it.

What did you learn this weekend?

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