Get Steppin’

10,000 steps. That is how many steps everyone is supposed to take in a single day. Not just one day a week, but every single day. I sit at a desk all day Monday thru Friday. Yesterday I wore a pedometer to see just how many steps I take during the work day. 2200 was the result and that was after a trip to Babies R’ Us. Not even close to the 10k mark. Compared to mail carriers, waiters, custodians, construction workers and nurses, I am one sedentary woman.

Once again, Josh’s company is offering a discount on our healthcare premiums if we participate in the Wellness Program. Part of this including a walking program where we compete against other teams to see who takes the most steps. Until I wore the pedometer yesterday I had no idea how little I walk around during the day. Most of my walking is to and from the bathroom or the lunch room where I refill my water bottle half a dozen times every day, hence several bathroom trips.

In an effort to get my 10k steps in I packed up Ella and grabbed Lucky for a walk around our neighborhood…up to 7800 steps. Geez. Getting in all 10k was not looking good but I still had my Tuesday run to do. After the 4.5 mile run, 3 mile walk, full day of work and running around the house I crawled into bed with nearly 18,000 steps taken. Mission complete.

As of right now, I’m at 8630 steps for the day. I’m going to have to take a few laps around the house to hit the magical number. Here’s a few ways I’ve been trying to get in more steps:

-Taking the long way to the printer, bathroom and lunch room.

-Parking further away in the parking lot at work, the grocery store and gym.

-Dancing around the room with Ella and help her practice walking.

-Making multiple trips up and down the stairs when I could get everything I need in one trip.

I’m off to get in my last 1400. Good night!

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