Mud Hen Run 5k

This morning my running buddy and I did our first 5k race together. We were almost late, but we made it. After picking up our bib we had to stop for a photo because the view and the weather were amazing.

Mud Hen is a small local race put on by the City Recreation Department. The start was a bit of a mess. I had no idea where to start because I hadn’t run a race with a stroller. I wanted to be courteous and not be too close to the front but I didn’t want to get stuck behind all the walkers. We picked a spot near the middle next to a women who also said she was running with her child in his stroller. Once the loud horn sounded we took off, but the people in front of me did not..grrr.

I made my way around them and spent the first half mile or so trying to get by the people in front of me without mulling them down. It was exhausting because we were on the grass trying to get to the gravel path. Now I know why some races don’t allow music, it’s really frustrating when runners cannot hear you. My ‘on your left’ and ‘excuse me’ were often unheard and I nearly ran into a women who ran right in front of the stroller as she switched sides of the path.

Pushing a stroller is hard. I have no idea how Kim over at Girl Evolving did an entire half marathon pushing her baby Leo. I’m glad Ella is little because I was working hard especially on the parts of the travel where gravel had recently been poured. I didn’t really have a goal in mind other than getting through the race without an Ella meltdown. We made the final turn and were the first stroller pair in. My gun time was 27:54 which was good enough for 9th in my age division which had a whole 27 people in it. Haha. My Garmin time was 27:39. An average pace of 8:59 which isn’t so bad considering our slow, busy start.

We were both full of smiles when we were done. Ella did so great! She babbled the whole way and when I would slow down she’d squeel as if she were saying, “pick up the pace Mommy!” We celebrated completing our first race together with some time on the swings.

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