Just keep moving

I think I’m going to have to remind myself of this during the half marathon this weekend in Lincoln. Three weeks was an awkward time gap between halves for me and I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do it. I did one more longish run, last weekend I did a 5k and didn’t run again until I did 5.5 miles last night. I’m feeling kind of achey which I think is more my mind and body working together to make me worry the tinest bit about getting injured right before I go into full-blown marathon training. Tapering is not my friend, never has been and I don’t believe it ever will be.

Looking ahead to the half this weekend, I’m actually excited. Yes, I’m feeling like I have rusty legs and I may not beat my recent PR, but I do have the benefit of going down 4000 feet in elevation and it’s a family affair. I’ll be at the starting line, well in the same vicinity of my husband, mother and father-in-laws. Yeay! Ella will be spending the morning with her Aunt Amber and her cousins. I’m sure Ximena and Ella will have fun playing together now that they’re both mobile. What’s silly is that I’m most excited for the post race picture. The picture of the four of us, sweaty and tired, with our medals around our necks. It’s going to be very special. It’s not often that you run a race like this with a whole family. Maybe next year we’ll be able to talk Amber, Marlon, Shana and Adam into joining the Van Kirk fun. 🙂

The weather is looking HOT.

Thank goodness the race starts early. I’m undecided as far as the fuel belt goes, but I do know I’ll be stopping by Old Navy to pick up a lighter colored tank top. My black one is not going to cut it. No need to ask the sun to beat down on my any more than necessary.

I just hope I don’t forget anything! Must make a list now.

4 thoughts on “Just keep moving

  1. Yikes! That’s hotter than I expected. Perhaps I will see you among the masses in Lincoln on Sunday? How exciting! I hope you have a great race (you will!). I just used bday money to pick up a fancypants tank from Athleta — maybe it will give me super powers to finish the race. I will be the grouchy not-quite-awake non-morning person in the 11-12 minute per mile group. See you at the finish line!

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