I think I have a problem

Today my baby is 10 months old.

Her All About Ella post probably won’t be up until next week. I still have a photoshoot to do and that trip to Lincoln for that race to get done.

I’m a little bit in denial that she’s getting this close to a year old. Except for the fact that I’m completely OBSESSED with planning her first birthday party. I swear that Pinterest was developed for the sole point of causing mothers like me to feel like our child’s birthday parties have to be something straight out of a magazine. As if I am some sort of crafty, cake baking and decorating professional. Ha.

I have been pinning like mad and every day it seems like there is something new that I think will be so great, that Ella has to have at her party. Of course, is she going to remember it? Nope. She won’t even notice decorations except maybe for ballons that may catch her eye. The thing is, now I have this Martha Stewart vision of what I want her party to look like:


But I have about the same amount of craftiness as Tim Taylor. It’s a good thing I have two months to get it figured out.

I did reserve a cute little spot for the party though. Our backyard was just not going to have enough shade from the hot July sun. Fits perfectly with our red, white and blue theme. That’s the only thing I know I want for sure.

To try to not overcommit myself, I’m going to limit the food to sweets (lots of them) and a few simple appetizers. I’m thinking fruit and veggies. Maybe something salty? Suggestions?

I need to tame this monster growing instead of me before I get myself completely stressed out. That and the guest list, eek, I’m going to have to cut some people even though I don’t want to. We do not need 85 people at a first birthday.

3 thoughts on “I think I have a problem

  1. Oh, I am so in the same situation although I have kept myself from pinning. All I want to do is plan some huge soiree and, in reality, he’s going to try to eat dog poop while I cry in a corner.

    Anyways, I’m huge on trying to theme food, too. You could have “Red & White” skewers with grape tomatoes and those adorable teeny mozzarella balls, a blueberry salad, roasted RED pepper hummus with veggies (including RED peppers) and … well, I don’t know.

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