Prep for the Hotness

Today we did our best to try to get ourselves psyched up for the big race tomorrow. This is the current forecast:

Do you see that? 93% humidity. Awesome. All of us are feeling unsure of what to expect of ourselves in the heat. Back to the prep. We picked up our race goodies this morning and headed to Omaha to check out the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Stockholders Meeting. We caught Warren Buffett speaking for a few but spent most of our time trying not to get run over in the expo.

There were a few cool things like this special Brooks running shoe:

The meeting took up most of our afternoon but we made sure to make it back to Lincoln to partake in the free spaghetti feed down at the Champions Club.

So far I’ve been impressed with the race activities. The free spaghetti feed and apparently there is a great post-race dinner too.

After dinner we strolled by the stadium to see where we’d be finishing tomorrow. Before long we all felt like this and decided it was time to head home to the air conditioning.

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