All About Miss Ella – Month Ten

Double digits. My baby is officially in double digitland. Ella is up to 16lbs 7oz and 27 inches long. She is so close to tripling her birth weight. I’m so proud of how much she’s grown even though it’s bittersweet for my tiny little baby to be getting so big.

This month was all about mobility. Army crawling, pulling up, crawling, crusing.

Ella wanted to do it all this month and in the span of a week. She loves exploring our house and spending time in rooms that we rarely are in.

She has really been enjoying the kitchen and our dining room. She likes to sit under the dining room table and look around. She also really likes Lucky’s kennel oh and the dog door. Diaper changes and getting dressed are a whole new animal now. I need to brush up on my wrestling moves.

One of Ella’s new favorite games is playing peek-a-boo. She’ll crawl around the corner and I’ll ask, ‘Where’s Ella?” Then she’ll peek around the corner with a huge smile on her face and we’ll do it all over again. She also loves when I make a claw with my hand and tickle her. That is when the big belly laughes happen. That is also when this face usually makes an appearance:

Cracks us up! She’s been doing that face a lot lately. This is by far my favorite face as of late:

Does that look like the face of a baby with a double ear infection? Yeah, it didn’t to us either. As it turns out Ella’s congestion was due to a nasty double ear infection. I felt so badly about not knowing, but when she’s happy as a clam, I had no way of knowing. She is sleeping better now that she started her antibiotics.

This month Ella also had her first Easter and ran her first 5k.

Ella can’t decide where she’s at with food. Some days she eats a ton, other days she’d rather nurse than eat table food. Sometimes she’d rather eat something more earthy:

At daycare she’s starting to slowly cut back on the number of ounces she drinks mid-morning. I have a feeling she’ll drop that feeding first. She’s so busy now that she wants to play and crawl more than eat. First thing in the morning and at night she’s still all about nursing. She can’t ask for it with words, but when she wants to nurse she’ll pull all my shirt and almost start hyperventilating until I satisfy her. It’s kind of funny. Still not thinking about weaning and determined to go as long as it is still working for both of us.

She’s pointing at everything, usually with her pointer finger and her thumb.

I love her chubby little fingers and the dimples on her hand. I want to eat them up! She will point and point until we take her to whatever she’s pointing at and tell her what it is. She especially likes pictures, mainly of herself.

She’s finally waving bye-bye and hello. She’s even thrown out a kiss or two, open mouthed and slobbery.

She has no problem protesting when we are doing something she doesn’t like or take something away from her. She’ll shriek, cry or ocassionally look at us like we’re the dumbest people to ever walk the planet. Other than those few moments, her disposition is still sweet as ever and I swear she’s going to be some sort of performer when she grows up. She loves nothing more than having a group of people surround her and oh and ah over her. She eats it up! Smile, laugh, bat her eyes. She’s got it down.

Oh my sweet Ella, you are a ham.

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