Wanted: Running Partner

How many times have you had the George Costanza moment when you walk away and wish you would have said the perfect thing? You are driving home and you think, ah, that’s what I should have said and it eats at your until you have the chance to say it. That totally happened to me last night.

I was walking out of my cardio sculpt class last night and I was hit on. Not like that, by a woman, who is a runner.  She overheard me talking about starting up marathon training to a man in our class that has taken a liking to me because he has a daughter named Jessica and probably not because I looks so awesome during class. Back to the point of my story.  Apparently this woman is also training for a marathon…but it’s on my birthday, in less than three weeks. Our schedules are not so much on the same page at the moment.

We walk down the stairs together and she asked if I train with a group. I told her I’m a lone ranger when it comes to training because I haven’t found a group in town. Then we get to talking about how long runs stink by yourself. Yada yada. Here’s where I failed.

As we were about to say goodbye, she said maybe if you ever decide to train for another race we can run together. Instead of saying, “I’d love to have a running partner when you’re recovered from your race,” I said absolutely and goodnight. Ugh!

All the way home I was kicking myself, especially when I realized I will not be back in class for a month due to my travel and Josh’s. Is it pathetic to put up a flier at the rec center…If you were at Cardio Sculpt on Wednesday and are training for a marathon, sorry I’m a bonehead. I want a running partner…please call me!

I was just so caught off-guard I wasn’t thinking at all. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon. I could really use a running buddy.

Have you been hit on at the gym? Do you like to train solo or have a buddy? 

One thought on “Wanted: Running Partner

  1. I think either a group you can talk to or e-mail is important in training for any distance over a 10k. I am training for a full marathon that I will be doing with my brother and Uncle and using my Uncle’s years of knowledge to help in this. We are doing a long training session but could have easily condensed. It has helped with my runs, weight loss, etc. to have others that are doing this with me or have done it. I also have a co-worker that runs and she gives feedback and ideas that help. I say the more people you can talk to, read info about and get ideas from that have or are training for a distance race of 13.1 or greater benefits you. I just know Denver and all the suburbs we have are nice because you can gauge some good times to run and run amongst other people to help push your pace. I love paths where there are a lot of walkers, so I feel like I am accomplishing something as I pass them. 🙂 Good luck with your training.

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