The Blind Date

I have a date this weekend with someone I’ve never met. We’ve exchanged a few emails here and there, but never spoken to each other or seen each other’s pictures. This weekend I’m going to meet her for the first time…my potential new training partner.

Like millions of Americans do every year, I turned to my computer to find a new partner. After Googling for hours on end, I finally found a running group on Yahoo Groups. Once I was accepted, I apprehensively posted a message on the board:

Hi. My name is Jess and I’ll soon be training for an October marathon. My goal time is 4 hours. I’d love some company on longer runs throughout the summer and fall. Please email me if you are interested. Thanks!

That was it, short and sweet. Within one day, I had my first of three responses. Yeay, people are looking for running partners just like me! So respondent #1, who happens to have an 18 month old daughter and is looking for flexibility with time and location (score!), and I have planned a trial run for Sunday.

I am nervous! What if I’m too slow or she just doesn’t like me? The thought of the rejections makes me cringe. I’ve planned a running outfit and everything…yes, I know, I’ll be sweating and it’s not really a date, but it is like a job interview. An interview for a new friend and running buddy.

Is it strange that I’m already trying to think of conversation starters in case of a lull?

Have you gone on a blind running date?

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