The Tough Days

I love being a mom, don’t get me wrong, but there are days that are just tough. Days like yesterday and today. I’ve been up since 1:49 am. I’m exhausted.

Poor Ella has an ear infection, yep another one. Luckily it is only in one ear this time. She’s doing a great job of taking her medicine, phew. Yesterday I had to wake her up to go to school and give her the antibiotics before we left. She was pissed and wouldn’t smile at me at all. She was all smiles for the daycare ladies, but mommy, not a chance. I was almost in tears, then had a bad day at work on top of it. Finally when we got home from daycare the smiles returned.

That and the beer I enjoyed with dinner were just what I needed. Then I noticed a little tiny white spot on her gums. I appears that her first two teeth are trying to break through. Ear infection plus teething, not fun.

Ella woke up at previously mentioned time and nursed for about a half hour. No biggie. I put her back in bed and had just gotten comfortable in my own bed when she started crying, not just a cry like hey, I want to cuddle, a painful wail. I got back out of bed and tried to comfort her and put her back down. After about another 30 minutes I brought her in bed with me. At least if she still wanted to nurse I could sleep while she did so. I thought eventually she’d fall back to sleep. No such luck.

By 4, I decided I’d get her dressed for the day and start getting myself ready. I tried to give her some Tylenol to help with the pain and a teething tablet but she freaked out and screamed even louder. Finally about 4:15 she nursed herself right back to sleep. I put her in her car seat and got myself ready since there was no point in going back to bed. She was still sleeping when I dropped her off this morning.

On the way to daycare I picked up a Coke which is already gone. I’m trying my best not to fall asleep at the moment. I’ve been lucky, Ella is a really awesome baby. She’s never been colicky, a horrible sleeper or really high maintenance at all. These are the days that I don’t LOVE being a parent. The day that isn’t filled with sunshine and rainbows. I wouldn’t trade Ella for anything, I’m just tired and whiney.

I’m so excited for Josh to come home for the weekend!

2 thoughts on “The Tough Days

  1. Oh, honey, if I could give you a hug, a Starbucks and a pillow, I would. Teething stinks, ear infections stink and managing it solo stinks. I wish I had some secret to help with the teething but I don’t. Maybe a frozen banana made into “soft serve.” The cold might help the gums and it’s tasty. Miles loves it!

  2. Ear infections and teething are rough. My son Logan is 15 months and has had 6 ear infections and is working on his incisors and his 1 year molars. It is crazy. We used frozen sugar snap peas as teethers, since Logan hated the plastic teething rings. Also cold, wet washcloths would work now and then.

    I’ve had a rough day today. It is just one of those days where I want to go back to bed and start over. Although I can’t complain about my 5am wake up call (Logan screaming while my husband changed his diaper) since you’ve been up hours longer than I have.

    Maybe a run after work? That is what has been keeping me sane this week.

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