Birthday Weekend

What a wonderful weekend it was. Not just because it was my birthday. It was all around just fun and relaxing, just what I needed after a rough week.

Josh made it home from Boston for the weekend on Friday. Ella and I were both super excited to see him! Cuddles all around. He also brought treats from Mike’s Pastry.

Does he know the way to my heart or what?

Saturday morning we made breakfast together and decided we wanted to head out to the garage sales going on in the Country Club neighborhood nearby. I finally bought something at a garage sale…a turtle sandbox! I had one just like it when I was little, so of course Ella needed one. (I tried to find a picture of me in my sandbox, but the only one I found was me trying to get into in naked…I liked to live dangerously.)

After doing the garage sale thing and nap time, we headed to Denver for our first Rockies game of the season and Ella’s first baseball game ever.

Buying club level seats was a great decision. It was so nice to have space for Ella to crawl around and comfortable couches to sit on when Ella needed to eat. Not to mention the weather wasn’t the best.

Ella loved all the music they played throughout the game. The rest of it, eh, not impressed.

By the time we got home she was out cold, leaving us to enjoy each other’s company without the baby distraction. That is when he surprised me with my favorite cake… (please excuse the mess that is my house in the background)

He even sang Happy Birthday to me. This we repeated again this morning so that Ella could partake.

My one request for the weekend was to get in a longer run. To my delight, Josh, Ella and Lucky joined me. Unfortunately we got out there a little bit late and it got hot really fast! The family snuggling was totally worth it, but by just about 5.5 miles in, I was done. Josh took Ella and Lucky home while I went to the gym to finish up for a total of 8 miles. This run was not nearly as fast as last week’s awesome run, but that is fine by me. I was out there with the fam which was awesome.

By the time the temp hit 90, I was ready for some cooling off. Ella wasn’t really into sharing her turtle with me, but she was happy to splash some water my way.

We said bye to Josh late this afternoon and met my Dad, Liz, Ted, Audrey and Tom for dinner at LuLu’s BBQ in Louisville. Pretty delicious and a great end to my birthday weekend. Ella is in bed and the house is quiet. I think I have one last weekend beer and call it a night.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

One thought on “Birthday Weekend

  1. Happy belated birthday! I am so glad you had a great one especially after last week.

    We were gifted a turtle by a neighbor but have yet to use it. I never thought of doing it as a pool. I guess I have some cleaning to do tonight 🙂

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