All About Miss Ella – Month Eleven

I cannot believe it, 11 months old. I know was all jazzed about her first birthday party a few weeks back, but now I’m ready to turn back the clock.

Ella weighs 16lbs 10oz and is still somewhere between 27 and 28 inches long. It’s so hard to get a good measurement since she completely refuses to stay still. Ella is now almost the same size I was at 8 months. Speaking of when I was her age, it looks like I have a prettier mini-me on my hands.

She is one busy girl these days. She’s cruising around our furniture like no one’s business. She’s even becoming more adventurous and moving between furniture. Ella is loving walking with her push toy.

She has also figured out the stairs…

Now if she’s quiet for a minute, I know she’s heading straight towards the stairs.

New this month, Ella says Momma (just in time for Mother’s Day), Dadda and I think ‘That’. If we ask her where momma, dadda, Lucky, or her bed is, she can point. She’s really beginning to connect names and words with objects. She definitely understands the word no. She may not listen, but if we say “No Ella” she is at least courteous enough to pause and look at us. She also is finally waving on a regular basis and when she’s really excited she does her version of jazz hands. When she’s feeling generous she may even give you a hug or a big open mouthed kiss.

This month she got to hang out with her cousin Ximena…

Went to her first birthday party

Her first baseball game…

Started dancing.

Got her first tooth…oh wait. Nope. Remember those tooth buds I saw in her gums last week? Yeah, a whole lot of nothing has become of them. Ella still have a completely gummy smile so either I was hallucinating or her gums are swollen which is why I can’t see them anymore. Eventually they’ll show up.

Separation anxiety has kicked in full force. Right now it seems to only really revolve around me which I kind of love, but at the same time, it would be nice to go to the bathroom without Ella freaking out as if she’ll never see me again.

Even when she’s with daddy or at daycare, once she sees me, then I leave the room or move out of her eye sight, the tears come out. I am amazed at how fast Ella can work up crocodile tears.

She’s got skills when it comes to the water works.

She’s still social but cautiously so. As long as she can see me or Josh, she’s fine exploring. If someone is holding her and we move though, watch out.

Ella’s favorite things at 11 months – cruising, itsy-bitsy spider, opening her dresser and promptly taking out every item of clothing, bath time, holding Destin (only way we can change a diaper), crawling up the stairs, holding things in her mouth so that she can take them with her, door stops, the dog door and Lucky’s bowls, looking at herself and falling over backwards on our bed.

Least favorite things – diaper changes, getting dressed or undressed, her car seat, being in her high chair when she’s finished eating (Lucky’s favorite time), being woken up (can’t blame her), mommy leaving her sight, and being told no.

I cannot believe this is my last update before she hits one year old.

Wow. Where does the time go?

One thought on “All About Miss Ella – Month Eleven

  1. Your little Ella is precious! It is so neat to meet people through blogging! I read some of your running posts too. I am running my first 5k this weekend.

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