In 16 weeks

I’ll be toeing the starting line of the Nike Women’s Marathon. Yep, today is my first official day of training! It starts with a day of rest and will end with a run with Kimberly. I think it’s the perfect way to kick off training.

Last week I got in 20 miles, the most I’ve run in a single week in a good month. I did it all in three runs, one 5 mile, one 6 mile and a 9 miler yesterday. What sucks, is they were all inside…booo. We’re on our 4th day of highs in the 100-104 range and Josh was out-of-town again. The treadmilll is really appealing with temps like that, especially when you live in a house with no AC.

With Josh  finally home indefinitely, I can get right back into my regular exercise routine and make sure that I’m training smart. This is my redemption marathon. This is the one I want to get to without injury and hopefully without horrendous weather.

This week my plan calls for 25 miles. In an effort to avoid injury, I’m not going to run 25 miles. I’m going to run 22, which is a 10% increase from what I ran last week. The first few weeks of training are really base building. After struggling with which training plan to do, I contacted the experts at Runner’s World and they said not to worry about getting in every single mile those first few weeks. Listen to my body and increase by 10% every week. No problem!

Now if we can do something about this heat. Looks like once I’m into my 2+ hour runs I’m going to need to start before the sun comes up. Are you training for anything?

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