A little bit stronger

Strength training has never been my strong suit. For the past several months, well that is until the month of hell filled with my travel and Josh’s, I’ve been going to Cardio Sculpt at the Longmont Rec. Center. I really enjoy the class, but I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that single class every week is the extent of my weight training.

Sure carrying around a 17lb baby might count for something, not for much though. As part of my plan for a smart and successful marathon training season, strength training is back on my radar. Strengthening your body has a ton of benefits for runners, from injury prevention to endurance building. Not to mention it helps make that flab go to fab. Yes, I really just said that, don’t laugh too hard at me.

There are a few parts of my body that I believe need the most work as of today.

1. My legs. This is an obvious inclusion as my legs are what do the running.

2. My butt. Oh lord, does it need help. It might fit into my jeans but the view from behind when the jeans are off is not pretty. Vanity aside, having a strong glute can really help you avoid injury.

3. My abs. A strong core will help keep runners upright as they fatigue. The more upright you are, the better.

4. My shoulders. you may not realize it, but your arms do a lot of work when you’re running, especially when you’re sprinting. I was shocked after my first marathon how tired my shoulders where. All that arm pumping got to me.

Yes, that is almost my entire body. I’m not going to be able to hit the gym every night for weights, but I can commit to three times a week. After all, I can do squats, lunges, crunches and such at my house. I have no excuse to not do it…starting today.

Man I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

One thought on “A little bit stronger

  1. Strength training … love it. Three times a week is a good goal but I think two is even good. Now that I’m in the habit with BODYPUMP, I like it, and I definitely love the definition. It also makes carrying that 21 pound hulk of mine a bit easier.

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