Out of Town Running Buddy

Last weekend I had a fun run, not as in a race, but a run with a great partner. Bad mother runner Kimberly was in town for the weekend. I was relieved that she didn’t think I was a weirdo when I excitedly said I’d love to run together. I decided the Bobolink Trail would be a good one. It is flat and has a nice view of the Flatirons, but wasn’t too close risking smoke inhalation. It’s great for acclimating to altitude.

As I drove down to the trail for my first blogger meet-up I laughed to myself. It was funny that we seemingly know so much about each other as we went through pregnancy, having newborns and this first year of balancing being a mom, get back in shape and now training for marathons together, but have never met. Kind of like a blind date with someone you’ve been online stalking, in a good way of course.

I arrived and we were off to tackle our long run. I was a total space cadet and forgot to start my watch, lucky for me, Kimberly did the same. We fell into easy conversation as we covered the first out and back. The weather was just about perfect and for once, the trail wasn’t ridiculously crowded. We got to the point where we could run up to Marshall Mesa trail, but I decided that I didn’t want Kim regret ever agreeing to our run, so we turned back to head to the car for refueling.

We had a little over six miles under our belt when we started our final out and back. We meandered through a beautiful tree-lined neighborhood before jumping on the South Boulder Trail. It was getting hot and we were both getting tired when we turned around. When we got back to car we realized we were only about a tenth of a mile from hitting our 11 mile mark. Like me, she would rather have even mileage than not. We ran a few more minutes until we hit it, forgetting momentarily we had almost a quarter-mile or so additional under our belts from the beginning of our run. Girl after my own heart I tell ya.

I had so much fun running with Kim. I wish she lived closer so that we could run together more often. Running at altitude just a few hours after arriving in town is especially hard, but she did great! The miles flew right by. Thanks again for running with me!

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