If it ain’t broke

I just cringed a little bit typing ain’t. Ugh, so not a word. Moving on. Now in my third week of marathon training, I’m figuring out what is going to work for me and what is not. Marathon training is a huge undertaking. It is time-consuming and exhausting. For me it can also be stressful. I worry about getting all my runs in and missing a run. I worry that if I run too many days in a row I’ll get hurt. This leads me to worry about every little pinch or twinge of ache I feel. After nearly three weeks of stressing myself out, I’m making a change.

I’m going back to the Less is More plan. It’s the same plan I used to train for my two half marathons this spring. It worked well and really helped me increase my speed. It also helped me avoid stressing about training. Three days a week running is what works for me. I know I can fit it in. I know that it gives my injury prone body a chance to recover between runs. It also allows me time to work on strength training and cross-training.

My new plan means cramming a lot of miles into three runs, but that is fine by me. This week I did my first speed workout of 6×800 at 7:41 pace. It felt good and I felt strong. I finished the 6.25 miles in 55 mins. Last night I went to my first Body Pump class with my friend Claire.

Definitely sore right now and today is tempo run day. With this plan I’ll be doing short, mid and long distance tempo runs. The longest of which will be 10 miles.

I purchased our tickets to San Francisco for the race yesterday. We’re committed to going. I’m committed to making this my best marathon yet.

How many days a week do you run while training?

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