Sunday around town

I’ve tired of my typical running routes. I get in a funk and either run on the greenway or around MacIntosh, both of which require I get in my car and drive to them to run. I was not feeling either one or having to drive somewhere. Instead I put on my shoes, Garmin and fuel belt and walked right out my front door.

When I started towards the path out of our neighborhood I wasn’t sure where I was going to run. Before I knew it I was three miles in and running past MacIntosh. I kept going and found myself passing two farms and the airport on my way towards Amgen. I saw four small planes land and five sky divers slowly descending in the sky. It was actually quite pretty.

When I reached Amgen where Josh works, it was time to turn towards home. I momentarily thought about jumping on the Greenway but again decided that I needed to mix it up a bit. I ran down what seemed like a rural road right in the middle of town. I passed by two more farms and a little pond in Roger’s Grove as I ran by the county fairgrounds.

As I continued I passed by Lefthand our local brewery and wished they were open so I could stop in for a few pretzels and a cool refreshing Sawtooth. It might have been 5 o’clock somewhere but in Longmont it was only 8:45 am. So I continued on. As I ran over my 5th set of train tracks, I was hot, tired and dreading the big hill that was coming in a few blocks. You see Longmont pretty much has just one big hill and I knew I had to conquer it. After all, I am running a marathon in San Francisco.

Suddenly, there is was, taunting me. Saying you’re too hot and tired to run up me, just walk. I refused. I locked my arms into 90 degree angles, pretending they were arms on train wheels (old trick I was taught to keep upright and steady on hills) and chugged my way up the hill. I was grunting and groaning, but I made it to the top! When I got to the top, I happened upon the Longmont Criterium, a local cycling event. I had no idea we even had a local cycling event. See what you learn when you run around town.

The cyclists were zipping by me and the announcer kept saying ‘Just four more laps!’ In my head I was saying, just 4 more miles Jess. I exited the cycling course and ran towards Main Street where I ran through our little downtown area. When I ran past a Walgreens I couldn’t resist the opportunity to refill my water bottles. It was getting hot out. Of course they are no longer filling their pop machine so I had to buy a bottle of water. Thank goodness I put $2 in my pocket.  Refilled and last Shot Bloks finished I was ready to go.

I ran past a cemetery, two car dealerships, a bank reading 80 degrees and a Dairy Queen I longed to stop at for a Blizzard, before it was time to turn back onto the street I started my run on. I was just about to cross my sixth set of train tracks when Josh called. I was struggling not to take another walk break with just half a mile to go so I ignored it hoping he wasn’t calling panicking that I had been hit by a car.

I made one last turn off of the path around our neighborhood onto our street. I was so close! Right then I saw Josh turning around the car in our neighbors drive way and hit my 13 mile goal. I slowed to a walk and finished what was left of my water. When I walked up our driveway, Josh and Ella were waiting for me with ice-cold water. They were going to be my swag wagon and bring some water when he saw me running towards home. Sweet right?

Distance: 13.01 miles   Time: 1:58    Avg. Pace: 9:04 min/miles

This run was hard. I had to take a few walk breaks and I was beet red when I got home, but overall it felt good. I’m not even sore today which is great. This week I ran just under 27 miles which is the most I’ve done in some time. The legs feel good.

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