The girls for the boys of summer

Last weekend I let loose and got in some quality time with two of my favorite ladies.

Thalia, Rache and I went to Mile High to see The Brothers of the Sun Tour with Tim McGraw (yum) and Kenny Chesney.

Naturally we needed a little tailgate action as we caught up on all things love, life, etc.

Not to worry, there were also organic veggies with dip as well as chips and salsa to go with our Sweet Tea Vodka and lemonades. It was H-O-T-T hot. I believe just a touch below 100 degrees. Luckily just as we were getting to our seats, clouds came and gave us some relief.

The show was amazing and let me just say, Tim McGraw rocks those jeans…wow.

After nearly 7 hours of music, yelling, singing and hanging with the girls it was time to head home. After I dropped everyone off and was on my way back to my house I realized that this may have been only the second or third time I’ve gone out with my girlfriends without Ella since she was born. There have been dinners, happy hours and movie nights, but Ella has been with me. It was so nice to have nothing to worry about or someone else to think about. I was able to just have fun and relax.

It is ok for me to go out with the girls and not feel guilty. Ella will survive, and so will Josh. 

I had such a great time and realized that just like taking care of myself is a priority, spending quality time alone with my friends and most definitely my husband need to move up the priority list as well. The effort to balance it all continues…

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