All About Miss Ella – One Year

The last monthly update on my big girl. Now that she’s nearly 13 months it’s probably time to post this. She has changed so much from the tiny 5lb 11oz baby that came into the world. She’s full of personality.

Up to 17lbs 8oz and 28 inches long (as of the 11th) she’s officially tripled her birth weight. Though she’s still a peanut she broke the 10th percentile for height.

Her brain has been busy during the past month. It’s a sponge right now absorbing all sorts of new knowledge. She’s learned to give high fives, sign milk (thank goodness – no more potential flashing) and all done, play hide and seek, stand by herself, go down the stairs and get off high surfaces, oh and a little thing called WALKING!

Yep, Ella is officially walking. She isn’t doing it all the time but can easily walk across the room. Of course she prefers to do it when we’re not ready with the video camera. I was able to catch this snippet though.

She also started doing what I call the yummy dance. She is all about the dancing which is hilarious.

This month she also added Maryland to her growing list of states visited. She’s up to five states -Colorado, Nebraska, California, Louisiana and Maryland. I’m so lucky that she is a great traveler!

She also learned how to be gentle and give hugs. She can say no when she doesn’t want something and loudly protest when we try to take away something she shouldn’t have. Though if we ask her nicely to hand us an item, occasionally we can get it without protest. Unfortunately yes is not something she’s into yet.

She loves exploring anything and everything. Bathrooms are at the top of her list of cool places right now. Toilet paper, quite the delicacy in our house. Baby proofing be damned, when she really wants something, she figures out how to get it.

She is very much a momma’s girl right now.

She throws fits when I leave her sight and wants me to hold her all the time. Often when I try to hand her to someone else she clutches my arm as tightly as she can as if I’m handing her to a child eating monster. When I arrive at daycare she quickly comes to me and signs milk then turns to her teachers and waves bye-bye. That’s her signal to stop the chatter and get home because she wants some fresh milk.

Speaking of fresh milk, still nursing. We’re transitioning to a cup at school so she’s have two bottles and one cup of milk at school. Most days she just lets the milk from her cup dribble out of her mouth. She nurses before I leave for work and probably 2-3 times between when we get home from school and bedtime. Yeah, so she’s still nursing a lot. It’s still working for us, so the journey continues.

Oh yes and her first two teeth finally broke through. They appeared just a day before her birthday. Luckily, she has not bitten me yet. Thank goodness.

She makes a lot of sounds, some of which sound like real words. She’s gotten down momma, dadda, yeay, hi, and that. Everything else is kind of muddled and we’re not sure what she’s saying though she loves to talk as if we know exactly what she means.

Her development took off so much in the past month that I could go on and on about all of the new things she’s doing and learning, but I’ll spare you. It is hard to believe that she is really a year old. She amazes me every day.

One thought on “All About Miss Ella – One Year

  1. Gorgeous, both of you. And the yummy dance is too cute. It’s amazing to me how different boys and girls are. Miles says “ball,” “dog” and “cat.” Thank goodness he hasn’t learned no yet. I’d be hearing it all the time!

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