Run by the Water

The best kind of runs are the ones you get lost in. You mind wanders and before you know it, you’re finished running. Getting physically lost, not so great. I try my best to avoid doing things like that.

Last weekend we made a quick trip to San Diego to surprise my Grandpa Walker for his 75th birthday. I had 14 miles on my schedule for Saturday morning and was excited to run at sea level and near water.

Before heading out early Saturday morning I did a few things to prevent me from getting lost and be a safe as possible in an unfamiliar setting.

  1. Plan a route and let your loved ones know what it is. I always give Josh a good idea of where I’ll be running just in case something where to happen he’d know where to look first.
  2. Tell previously mentioned loved ones approximately how long your running should take. I usually add 10-15 minutes to my estimate just so there is a little buffer before Josh worries that something has happened to me.
  3. Bring your I.D., a few dollars in cash and a phone. I don’t typically bring any of these with me on short runs or runs around my neighborhood. On long runs or runs in a new place, I bring all three. If I were to get hit by a car or something, I’d want the paramedics to be able to know who I am. If I got injured or just couldn’t make it, I want to have a phone to call for a ride. The cash, perfect for water, bus fare, etc.
  4. Run during the day. Wait for the sun to come up before heading out. Running in the dark is a no-no on vacation runs.
  5. Run in a populated area. I had great timing. The path was not crowded, but had enough people on it that I felt comfortable.

After making sure I followed my own advice, I set off in the hazing San Diego morning. We were staying on Harbor Island where I made a loop before heading off towards downtown.

(Source because I didn’t stop to take pics…bad blogger)

As you can see, I had plenty of scenery to enjoy along my route and easily got into a comfortable pace. I may have even started singing along to Britney which got a laugh out of a group of people waiting around for the Maritime Museum to open. When I hit a dead-end I looked at my watch and realized I was half way to my 14 mile goal. Unfortunately because I was so lost in my run, I had failed to drink any water or take any Shot Bloks. I took a walk break and quickly tried to refuel and continue on my way.

Miles 8-9 were the most difficult for me. My lack of fueling during the first seven miles was coming back to bite me. I took a few more Shot Bloks around mile 10.5 when I was stopped at a cross walk near the airport. A mile later I needed a walk break. I walked for about a minute than started running again. I took another 30 second walk break just after I hit the half marathon distance. I hit 14 miles just as I came to the driveway of the hotel.                     

Time: 2:03:26       Distance: 14 miles          Avg. Pace: 8:49 min/miles

Hot and worn out, I strolled into Starbucks for a nice big bottle of water and chocolate milk before heading back to meet up with all of my relatives. I had perfect timing because the breakfast burritos from a local Mexican restaurant had just shown up. I may have also had a bite of maple donut.

Successful, safe and pretty speedy run even with my walk breaks.

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