Snap, Crackel, Pop

There is an epic battle going on in our house. It’s been going on for four months and so far, we’re losing. Ella’s ears vs. her, us, antibiotics.

Our poor girl has been battling ear infections since April. Her right ear never seems to heal all the way. After four rounds of two different kinds of antibiotics, we’re hearing the dreaded word…tubes. I’m not excited at the thought of Ella being put under and her little ears cut open to put the tubes in. I also hate that she’s been in pain and worry about how these recurring infections could affect her hearing and speech development.

We have an appointment with an ENT at Children’s Hospital next week. Not soon enough because yesterday daycare called me to ask me to pick Ella up. Fever spiked to 102 again, she was inconsolable, refusing food and milk, and lethargic. I packed up my work stuff and went to get her. She looked so pathetic when I arrived. Big, watery red and purple eyes, snotty nose and flushed cheeks. Yep, the ear infection we finished antibiotics for on Saturday, flared right back up.

She pretty much refused solid food all day. She would nurse, thank goodness so we were able to get some calories into her, but she’s already lost a few ounces since her 12 month check up just a few weeks ago. We really wanted to avoid another round of antibiotics worrying that she’ll develop resistance, but we were at a loss.

That was until Josh’s coworker’s wife called me and suggested chiropractic. I’ve never been to the chiropractor but at this point I was willing to try anything to help her before we decide on tubes. I called the woman recommended in town and we were able to get right in. I’ve never filled out such extensive paperwork. I filled out forms all about my pregnancy, labor and delivery and stuff up through Ella’s first year. They wanted any information that may help them determine how to best help her.

Paperwork complete Ella was examined. The chiropractor found two spots that needed slight adjustment, her neck and a spot on her lower back. As I held Ella in my arms, she had her first series of adjustments. I was skeptical that the two minor adjustments they did on her neck and lower back were going to help her at all. Color me surprised when we returned home and she finally ate some solid food. By the time she went to bed her mood was greatly improved as was her congestion.

When she woke up this morning, it was like she was a new baby toddler. Her temperature was normal, she was still snotty but the congestion was much improved. She was even smiling and laughing.

We have a follow-up appointment next week on the same day Ella goes to the ENT. Fingers crossed she’ll have real results from her adjustments and maybe, just maybe, we can avoid tubes.

One thought on “Snap, Crackel, Pop

  1. I’m so late commenting … poor Ella! I hope she’s continuing to feel better. It would be a bummer to have to get tubes so early. I had feared the same thing with Miles but his ear infections have cleared. It’s amazing what some of the “alternative” therapies can do. At my BF group (when I was on leave), they had a baby massage therapist and she said massage could help with latch, mood and a number of other things. Anyways, thinking of you two!

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