Running Across U.S. continues

I love to travel. London, Paris, Rome, California…love. Vacationing is my favorite thing to do other than running, spending time with my family and of course eating. Last weekend it was San Diego and this weekend my travels took me to the exotic, hot destination of San Antonio. You don’t have to say it. I know you’re jealous.

The shortest weekend ever ended Sunday morning when I boarded a puddle jumper on steroids to head down to where everything is a little bit bigger. The only time I’ve spent more than two hours in Texas was when Josh and I bought our Escape and had an adventure.

With the help of my colleague we got our trade show booth setup in no time. Which meant that I had plenty of time to get in the 16 miles I had been putting off all weekend. My hotel that advertised ‘brand new’ fitness equipment must have travelled through time and purchased its brand new equipment from 1985. The one treadmill that would turn on was a manual treadmill. I didn’t even know those still existed. I could have handled it for a few miles, but 16…not a chance.

Determined to exhaust my options, I tried to find a gym on Yelp! before I went to the front desk to ask for help. In the back of my mind I was thinking, oh no, looks like I’m not going to be able to get in my run. it’s 102 degrees outside, that’s not safe and that treadmill is not up to snuff. Much to my dismay relief, a sister hotel had actual newer equipment at their penthouse gym.

The run was uneventful except for watching it rain for a brief moment and a gaggle of kids coming in and being obnoxious until security removed them, at mile 12. I ran an easy pace of 9:22 and watched a really bad movie on the CW and gawked at what the ‘reporter’ was wearing during her interview of a car salesmen. Please note, jeans that are too small the zipper doesn’t zip all the way and cause camel toe are not appropriate for an interview.

Anyway, 16 miles, done. I was tired and a little bit on the stiff side when I finished but I felt strong. My confidence for my first 20 mile run of training in a few weeks is growing. I may just be able to handle this marathon. Speaking of which I need to book a hotel, recommendations for something that isn’t a million dollars near Union Square, totally welcome.

I let myself take a nice rest day on Monday. I mean after all I was on my feet all day at the show and then walked for what seemed like forever to get to the dinner I ate way too much at. Today I was back it.

San Antonio was awesome enough to develop a running map with routes of various distances.

I picked a 5 mile route because it just happened to start one block from my hotel. I passed by the Alamo.

I was doing great, until I got lost. Map in hand, I still got lost. I don’t think it was necessarily my stupidity, though that is probably the majority of it, more so that to get the street that I missed, I basically had to run through what looked like a hotel parking garage. Very strange.

Once I was back on track I ran along the Riverwalk and through a little historical neighborhood.

To my surprise I even found the lone democrat in the state.

I kid.

Well my little unplanned detour I was a bit late getting back to the hotel. When I did get back, I was a sweaty mess.

I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much on this short of a run. It was hot and humid. Blah.

I’m heading home tonight, yeay! I can’t wait to run on my own turf for a few days.

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