But I’m tired

Excuses. Everyone has them. My personal favorite for skipping a workout: I’m tired.

A false statement it is not. Pretty sure feeling slightly exhausted is my M.O. these days. Oh really, for the past two years. Tuesday night when I needed to do my 10 mile tempo run instead of my 7 mile speed workout, I complained to myself all the way to the gym.

“Ugh, I just ran 18 miles on Saturday, it’s only Tuesday. This sucks.”

“At least you’ll get it over with and only have a short run on Thursday.”

“Sure, but 28 miles in two days, that’s too much.”

“Hey if you run you can eat the rest of those Swedish Fish you bought on Saturday.”

“Mmmm…I do love Swedish Fish. I bet they’d still taste good with Flaming Hot Cheetos.”

“Why am I thinking about food? I just ate way too much spaghetti for dinner. Isn’t there a rule about not running for at least an hour after eating?”

“No dummy, that is swimming.”


“Crap, we’re here. Stop thinking about food, start thinking about running. Ugh this is going to be rough, I am SO tired.”

Not going to lie, I struggled through this entire run. I wasn’t into it mentally which took a toll on me physically. I was so excited to be done. Probably more excited than I was after 18 miles last weekend.

I rarely, if ever, regret a workout, but man those excuses, I can spit them better than Eminem hurls insults. Here are a few reasons why you should ditch the excuse and just do something active.

1. I’m tired. There is someone more tired than you who has already exercised today. Yes, I’m tired. I haven’t slept through the night in almost two years, but there is someone out there that is getting less sleep than I am. Plus, regular exercise has been shown to help increase energy.

2. I’m too sore. When you’re sore, the best thing to do is some sort of physical activity. The activity helps your body get the lactic acid out of  your body.

3. I’m too busy. This is another one I use. Sure, I’m busy. I work full-time at a job that entails a 82 mile per day commute and have a family. Turn off the computer, TV and step away from your phone. I promise you can find at least 15 minutes to do some jumping jacks.

4. I just don’t feel like it. There are days that I dread working out. It is the last thing I want to do. So I’ll give myself 20 minutes. If after 20 minutes I still don’t want to do it, I stop. Most of the time after the first 15, I’m into and want to continue a workout, but there are days when the 20 minutes are up and I’m done. That’s ok.

5. Gyms/workout equipment is too expensive. I hear this from a lot of people. Gym memberships can be pricey but there are tons of exercises you can do at home without a single piece of equipment. Here are some examples.

What’s your favorite excuse for skipping a workout?

One thought on “But I’m tired

  1. My favorite excuse is that it’s not helping me lose weight anyway, so why bother?! But, most days I still get up and make myself go. It helps now that I go before work so it’s just a regular part of my morning routine.

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