Adult Time

We’ll have date night AT LEAST once a month.

That was written, big bold letters and all, at the top of our goals for 2011/2012. It seemed simple enough. Once a month we’d have a wonderful babysitter come hang out with Ella while we enjoyed each other’s company over dinner and a bottle of wine. How hard could it be to find said babysitter and pick a night for us to go out?

Enter reality. I didn’t realize in those early months, ok, even up until the past couple of months, how much I would not want to leave Ella when I didn’t have to (i.e. work). I also didn’t realize how hard it was to find a babysitter. Aside from our friends’ wedding in mid-June, we haven’t had a date night since, oh boy, ready for it, approximately March, maybe April. I can count on one hand the number of dates we’ve been on since Ella was born nearly 14 months ago. It is more than sad, it’s borderline pathetic.

Last night as we lamented a little bit about the lack of one-on-one time we have been making for each other, it donned on me, if we want some time together, we have to make it a priority. We don’t have a regular babysitter, obviously. My dad, stepmom and siblings live just far enough away that it’s a weekend-long event to take Ella down there for them to babysit her. We don’t know any teenage girls in Longmont and have had one babysitter who was going to school in Boulder, but that’s still a 25 minute drive both ways for her.

We need to find a babysitter, but in the meantime, we’re going to make do with the downtime we have after Ella goes to bed. Starting next week, Monday nights are Jess and Josh time. After Ella goes to bed, it’s just us. No heading off to the gym, no after work happy hours, no TV unless we’re cuddled up watching a movie together and not on separate couches, no laundry, cleaning, etc. It will be our time to enjoy each other’s company without being distracted.

I’m already looking forward to Monday (never thought I’d say that) and thinking about things we can do to make this time special. I’ve missed my husband.

Do you have regular date nights or at home dates? Suggestions on finding a babysitter?

7 thoughts on “Adult Time

  1. My husband and I are in the same position. My son is 16 and we’ve had one lunch date and one dinner date. I hate to leave my son when I don’t have to, but I’m realizing that we have to make it a priority.

    There are some websites that offer background checked babysitters, like You could also try the local college; most have a few majors like early childhood development or something close where you could contact the department secretary and ask about putting up a poster or having it put on the department list serv. I know I’d prefer someone that I knew, or had at least cared for the kids of someone I knew, but you can at least get references and meet them first.

  2. I’ll just move to Boulder and we can take turns watching each other’s kids 🙂 Or, we could leave ’em with the guys and just run a lot. We are SO, SO, SO lucky to have my in-laws nearby and they are always willing to take Miles for a night. My friend’s day care has some overnight service. Even if yours don’t, there may be a helper who is available “freelance.”

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