Friday morning started like any other, with the exception of me being well rested because Ella slept through the night. Winning! She woke up a bit early, but I was already showered and excited to see her because I had been in Kansas City for two days. When we were picking out her clothes for the day, I heard a splash. Then another. I see Ella make a face and run towards me. Then another splash. This time down my shoulder and onto the rug in front of her crib. Yep, vomit.

I feel awful because the first thought that went through my mind was, “Shit I have SO MUCH work to do. I have to go to the office today.” Mom fail. One look at a teary and frightened Ella and I snapped back into mom mode. Josh helped clean up and headed to work for the morning so that I could make my meetings in the afternoon.

Fast forward to Saturday morning and lots of gross diapers later, I’m feeling a bit queasy, but again well rested because Ella slept through the night again. Of course I was woken up by a panicked call from one of our sales reps saying their trade show stuff hadn’t arrived. Big F bomb came right out. Welcome to the weekend. Since I was queasy I decided to postpone my run to today. We went about our weekend meeting friends for lunch, dropping of breastmilk for my sister-in-law and hanging out with my parents watching the Husker game.

For the fourth night in a row Ella slept through the night.  I know, so lucky. I can hardly believe it myself. Problem is Josh woke up sick. I teased him that it was the beer and the gross chicken sandwich he ate during the game, but quickly realized it wasn’t a hangover when I got the chills,  fever and felt on the verge of losing the little I’d eaten.

BRAT it is for the entire family. Unfortunately we’re out of bananas, but rice, applesauce and toast, we’re all over that one. Oh and ginger ale. Though I hate being sick and Josh being sick, the worst is Ella. She hasn’t really eaten anything since Friday and continues to have the runs. Thank goodness she’ll still nurse. She’s even refused her favorite Cheddar Bunnies and the milkshake Josh made to get some calories in her. At least she’s resting.

Luckily this didn’t hit full force last weekend or on marathon weekend. I missed my long run, but if I’m feeling better tomorrow I might get it in. I’m trying not to stress myself out about it.  Hopefully we all kick this sooner rather than later.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

One thought on “BRAT

  1. Sorry you’re sick! We’ve yet to have Leo throw up but man, I’m so scared of when it’s going to happen!

    Skip the run. And don’t put it back in until you feel 100%. You definitely want yourself to be as strong and back to normal as possible for the marathon and don’t want to run yourself down again by running too much!

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