All About Miss Ella – 15 Months

Ok, so she’s more like 15 months and 10 days, but hey, I’m busy lately.

I cannot believe what a little unique person Ella has become. Her little personality has really evolved and she’s becoming more independent by the minute. Of course that doesn’t mean that she stopped following me around the house asking for ‘up’ and milk. Or occasionally freaking out when I go to the bathroom without first announcing my intentions and asking her to join me.

She is now 18 lbs and 30 inches long. For the first time she was weighed on the big scale so no ounces to account for. I swear she has to be on the brink of 19 lbs. She looks so tall to me. Her legs are constantly in motion and lost the little fat rolls they had for a brief moment.

She’s now running around our house, dancing like the rhythm is living inside of her and twirling in circles. Thanks to this activity, she’s fallen almost off the charts for weight. She’s perfectly proportioned, except for a slightly large head so the doctor isn’t worried yet, primarily because she’s getting taller, meeting her milestones and Josh and I aren’t exactly large people ourselves.

She’s become quite opinionated and very vocal.

She says or has words for more than a dozen things now. Most frequently used: dog (she’s obsessed right now), duck, up, momma, dadda, uh oh, yeah, wawa, ball and yuck (she loves pointing at the trash and saying this). She will chatter away as if we understand what she’s saying. We’re working on her saying her own name, but she’s not quite there yet. She is still signing as well: milk, eat, all done, more, please and very rarely, thank you.

Speaking of milk…we’re still nursing. Did I ever think I’d be nursing my 15 month old? Nope. She’s cut down quite a bit. We nurse maybe four times on a weekday and six on a weekend. Unless she’s sick like last week. She exclusively nursed, almost like a newborn, and completely refused solids. Luckily, her appetite is back and she’s eating regular foods again. I’m down to one pumping session/day at work…woohoo! Josh and I have talked about weaning her, but she doesn’t seem ready so we’re not pushing her. We’ll address it in a few months.

We put away her highchair a few months ago and she now sits like a big girl in her HandySitt at the table with us. She LOVES being right at the table with us. Thank you Alan and Fiona for yet another awesome baby item. She’s working on using utensils and has gotten pretty good with a spoon. Often she’d rather just stir or stab her spoon in her yogurt and make a mess. Thank goodness for sponges and paper towels.

She’s quite the comedian, cracking herself up. She is the funniest thing she’s ever heard. She thinks she’s the funniest when she plays peek-a-boo with us.

She also loves to show us how big she is.

We’re working on following instructions at the moment. Now that she is in the toddler room, she has to sleep on a cot which she cannot get off of until the teacher’s say so, has to pick up her toys and bus her dishes after meals. In following with this, we are working on these things at home. We make picking up a game with lots of positive reinforcement. Cheering and thanking. Same with busing her dishes after meals. One of us takes her out of the chair and hands her the cup or plate she was using and she brings them over to the sink. It’s amazing how quickly she’s learned this routine.

Dancing is her favorite. She will actually bring me the stereo remote and start dancing to let me know she wants some tunes on.

She loves looking for Lucky and daddy. If I ask her where Lucky or Josh are, she’s puts her hands up:

She had been making an old man face when she did that, but she seems to have stopped for the moment.

Ella still only has two teeth. I can see her top four under her gums, but they have yet to make an appearance. I kind of wish they’d just come down already so we can all get some sleep. At least she hasn’t had any ear infections since she got tubes a few months ago.

This is about the point I realize I’m rambling. Needless to say she’s growing, learning and keeping us busy. 🙂

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