Training Continues

I may or may not have mentioned that I have a half marathon on my schedule before the end of the year. I’ll be running the Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll Half on December 2.

This was planned long before my marathon. It was actually in the works last December. I’ll be in Las Vegas that week for my company’s largest trade show of the year. This means in addition to training, I’m swamped with work. But anyway. Our CEO is a marathoner himself, so when I mentioned to him there is a half marathon in Vegas the same time we’ll be there, he was all about it.

I’ll be running with a handful of my colleagues including my company’s U.S. president and our CEO. Hopefully everyone will have a great time running in out down the strip before the show starts. I’m sure it will be good for my nerves and stress level.

With just seven weeks between the marathon and the half, I haven’t had much time to rest and recuperate. I did my first post marathon run this weekend. I nice leisurely eight miles on a treadmill. I thought the bouncy surface would be nicer to my tired legs. The run felt good and my body, though aching a little bit, responded really well to the run.

Here’s what I have planned for the remainder of my training cycle:

As you can see I’m not going to kill myself training for this one. It is more of a fun run to end the race season for me. The strange thing about this race, it starts at 4:30 pm. Eating prior to the race should be interesting.

Anyone done afternoon/evening races? Do you have tips for eating prior to the race?

One thought on “Training Continues

  1. So exciting! I am completely jealous. I think the December race is perfect timing coming off the SF full, and your schedule looks SOLID. I have done races in the afternoon so I usually eat an early lunch and a snack. I would maybe eat lunch at 1 and some chews before the race.

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