Time to look back

What a week it has been in the Van Kirk household. It all started Saturday morning when we went to Ella and discovered she’d vomited all over her bed. Hoping it was just a fluke I showered with her as I picked the chunks from her hair and then wrapped her up and brought her into bed with me. Um…it was not a fluke.

Being the ultra glamorous person I am, we spent the weekend in various states of dress and undress, sleeping on towels and blankets because everything had been covered in some sort of bodily fluid. For five days this was our life. Poor Ella was sick as a dog and even got to have a super exciting trip to Children’s Hospital for some anti-nausea medication and fluids.

This meant that there was a lot of time spent with my sick baby laying on me sleeping and whimpering.


Aside from catching up on Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy and a few episodes of Gossip Girl (so late to that party), I had some time to do a little looking back. I mean there is a limit to how productive I can be on the phone while trying not to move at all so that Ella would sleep for more than 15 minutes. Sleeping = no vomiting. Winning.

As I laid on the couch, I found myself looking at old blog posts, Facebook pictures and posts. My absolute favorite (and maybe the worst) thing about social media is that so much of my life is documented.

For instance, a year ago this week I ran my longest postpartum run to date.

Two years ago, I ran the same race and set a new 10K personal best. I also happened to be about 7 weeks pregnant and apparently quite hungry.

Three years ago this week I was kicking off training for the County Music Marathon in Nashville with Team in Training (the catalyst for starting a blog).

Four years ago, I was excited because I had just gotten the proofs for our wedding pictures. I was busy going through and looking at every single detail that was captured on our big day.

Five year ago (yesterday actually) Josh and I were in Moab and had just gotten engaged.

Afraid to go back any further than that, I stopped. I don’t think my liver can even get through looking at the old pictures. After looking back at five years and a full five days of illness, Ella is on the mend. She even requested chicken nuggets and ice cream for dinner last night. I was happy to oblige as my girl needs to gain back the entire 1.5 lbs that she lost. Me on the other hand…not feeling so hot.

We have another big weekend planned so I am thinking positively and telling myself that I am not getting sick. Even though I have no appetite, my stomach is all distended and I feel ever so slightly queasy. I am not, I repeat, AM NOT getting sick.

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