Pre-Thanksgiving Trip

Millions of people are taking to the roads as we speak to go see relatives for Thanksgiving. Not us, we got that out of the way last weekend. When we realized we were going to end up staying in Colorado for Thanksgiving we decided we better try to get back to Lincoln some time before the end of the year. Just so happens last weekend was the only weekend that would work.

We packed up Ella, Lucky and way too much stuff and headed East. We left at dinner time, stopping only twice, once to eat, once for gas, arriving in Lincoln at 2 am. It may seem we’re gluttons for punishment, but we’ve learned that it’s best to drive overnight with Ella so that she sleeps the majority of the time.

We had a big Saturday planned. Josh’s parents offered to watch Ella for us so that we could go to the Nebraska vs. Minnesota game. For the going on eight years Josh and I have been together, we’ve gone to a game each year. Up until last year, we went to the Nebraska vs. Colorado game, the day after Thanksgiving, every year whether it was in Lincoln or in Boulder. Unfortunately they don’t play anymore which means we missed our game opportunity last year. We were more than happy to take them up on their offer to babysit.

Josh and had a great time tailgating with some of his high school friends before the game.

The game was great too!

Of course we had to enjoy the ever healthy food options of Runza, Valentino’s and a Fairbury Frank. It being my first Fairbury Frank, Josh insisted on a picture.

I’m not a hot dog person, but that frank we shared was delicious. Must have been the red food coloring.

After that game we picked Ella up and took her to friends’ house where so got to play with their two daughters as well as another cutie that is just a few months younger than Ella. It’s funny that I never think Ella is that small until she’s standing next to a toddler the same age or younger that makes her look like miniature doll. She had a great time and practiced using her new favorite word…mine. Yep, it’s started.

The rest of the weekend we enjoyed the company of Josh’s parents, his sister Amber and her daughter Hanila. We were bummed that she didn’t bring her two other girls, especially Ximena who is Ella’s age. Next time!

We spent all of Monday driving home. I’ve decided that eight hours is my max road trip length. How I managed to have fun driving 16+ hours with girlfriends for spring break to California is beyond me. I could not get out of the car fast enough when I pulled us into our drive way.

Now we get to relax this weekend, only driving about 45 minutes to my dad’s house for Thanksgiving. My family from San Diego arrives today, we’re doing the Turkey Trot tomorrow and then enjoying my favorite meal of the entire year. I cannot wait.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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