A Long December

It’s a been a long, stressful month. So long that I’m sure it is actually January though the calendar indicates that we’re a mere eight days away from Christmas. Last week Josh lost his grandmother Lucille. Her health had slowly been deteriorating over the past few years, but had taken a significant downward spiral in the past few months. After a fall which resulted in a dislocated shoulder and being diagnosed with a bought of pneumonia a little over a week ago, we knew her time was near.

Josh found out early Tuesday morning that she had passed on with Josh’s mother at her side. We left early Thursday morning for Lincoln. There was a lovely rosary on Thursday evening, followed by her funeral and burial on Friday. Throughout the course of the weekend Josh, his sisters and his parents went through old pictures and journals. All learning more about their grandmother. It is sad that sometimes it is only in death that you really learn about your family.

I never really knew Lucille. We had spent a few holidays together but never any substantial length of time. My favorite memory of her is by far Ella first visit with her. She was so filled with joy on that visit. She had made Ella a blanket at her nursing home that she was so proud to give her. She told us stories and laughed like a girl. It was wonderful. I’m so glad we had that visit with her and that she had a moment that she could remember about her great-granddaughter.

It is unfortunate that it was her passing that brought the entire Van Kirk family together. It was the first time since Easter last year that all of the siblings and grandchildren were together. It was entertaining to see how Ella interacted with her cousin Ximena who is the same age. It was loud and at time chaotic, but I think all the kids had a good time. Ella even got to go to The Children’s Museum with her cousins and grandma.

We made it home late yesterday afternoon exhausted with family pictures and mementos in tow. Josh carefully packed it away in the family hope chest he inherited for safe keeping. Only a few more days until vacation. It cannot come soon enough!

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