My 2012 Running Review

Taking my cue from Kimberly, I thought I’d share my year of running.  What a year it has been. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised, even shocked at how much faster of a runner I became after having Ella. This year I dedicated myself to getting back into running and learning to love it again.

That doesn’t mean there haven’t been ups and downs. There have been days that I actually hate running, but more days that I truly love it. It was a year of pushing my limits and setting new personal records. It got me back in shape and kept me sane. It was my ‘me’ time.

Let’s break it out:

Best run. Most of the miles blur together. I have no idea how many miles I actually ran this year, but it was a lot. Best is hard for me to define. My favorite run was probably my first race with Ella. If by best I mean feeling most accomplished and not ready to die, it would be my last long run before I tapered. One more favorite to throw in there, our first Van Kirk family half marathon. Nothing like turning your hobby into a family tradition. The planning has begun for this spring!

Best new piece of gear. My iPhone. Ok so it’s not really running gear per se, but it helped me get through those long training runs by myself. It also served as a distance tracker when my Garmin didn’t want to cooperate with me.

Best piece of running advice. “Run your own race.” I’ve told people this and I’ve heard it a million times. It never gets old. The only person I have been racing against is myself. The races and running are not about anyone but me.

Biggest sense of accomplishment. Running a hard marathon and smashing my existing PR. I worked really hard to get there and it totally paid off. That is my biggest one of the entire year. I’m also rather proud that somehow, I was able to PR every single race I did this year.

Most inspirational runner. There are too many to name. Like Kimberly said, the mother runners, you’re all amazing. I always go back to my in-laws though. My mother-in-law Nancy always inspires me. This year my father-in-law ran his first half. It was so exciting watching him sprint to the finish line. Taking up running at 60…check.

Racing season is over in these parts for the most part. I’m hoping to get in a few 5k races here and there through the winter. Now that I’m not training I’m not running on any sort of schedule or purpose. I decided to do seven miles on Saturday which felt great. We’ll just see what the winter brings.

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