A Very Merry Christmas

Some people need a white Christmas, me, I’m happy with the warm sun and a beach. We jetted down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for Christmas this year. It was beautiful every day. Sunny, 80 degrees with a light breeze off of the water. It was relaxing and thanks to our lack of international phone plans, completely disconnected.

I had a really hard time narrowing down pictures but here are a few from our trip.



And my favorite picture of all:


Ella may love saying Santa and waving to him, but she does not want to touch him, let alone sit on his lap.

This vacation was just what we needed. A chance to relax and just enjoy eachother’s company. During all of the rest and relaxation I did make myself run a few times. I had a great 9 mile run followed by another 4.5 miles the next day.

Ella did so well on both flights and absolutely loved the beach and being in the water. I actually think the trip to Mexico was way easier than our two day trip to Minneapolis the day after we came home. I highly recommend a beach vacation for anyone with a toddler.

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