All About Miss Ella – 18 Months

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This silly, born performer, and self-proclaimed (ok maybe it was daycare who instilled this in her) princess, is 18 months old. In the past several months she’s grown and developed so much. She’s still only 19.5 lbs but she’s up to 31 inches tall. Still on the small side, but she’s almost the same height as many of her schoolmates. She has gotten several more teeth, bringing her count up to 10, including two molars. Developmentally, she’s grown leaps and bounds.

Talk, talk,talk. Ella went from a few, somewhat hard to decipher words, to a vocabulary that includes just over 80 words. Favorites include baby, book, mine, no, apple, snack, pee and poop. She also loves saying Ella and giving herself a little hug. She’s started stringing a couple words together, but that is fairly rare. We’re working on I love you.

Speaking of bodily functions, Ella is fascinated with the potty. So much so that I bought her a little Ella sized potty last week. To our surprise, she’s asked to go pee on the potty a few times and has actually gone. There is lots of clapping and a special treat after she uses the potty. We’re not really pushing potty training because she’s still really young, but we are supporting her efforts. If she potty trained by two, that would be awesome!

Let’s see what else has she been up to…

Being a picky eater who only really likes yogurt, chicken, green beans, and fruit.  What happened to my little foodie? Cuties are a big hit. She even peels them herself now.  We’re still nursing, but are finally down to just 3-4 times/day. We’re working on weaning but it’s a very very slow process.

Painting, drawing and playing with stickers. She loves art time!


Reading books. She just looks at pictures and points out things she can say. Mainly she demands we read her books. Usually the same three over and over again until we finally have to beg her to pick out a new book.


Pretending. She loves grocery shopping with her little shopping cart and pretend to drink orange juice from her wooden carton. She also likes to get out cups with a spoon and pretend she’s eating.

Cleaning. She has a little broom that she loves pushing around the kitchen. She also loves throwing things in the trash. When she spills, we can give her a paper towel and she’ll wipe it up (well try to) and then throw her paper towel in the trash. She gives herself a round of applause every time.

Clips, bows, and shoes. Josh put a bow in her hair one day and now she is obsessed. She will have a melt down if she realized her clip has fallen out. She loves shoes, her shoes, my shoes, Josh’s shoes. I think we may have a girlie girl on our hands.


Our baby is now very much a toddler. No denying it. I swear she is 18 months going on 18. With all her sweetness, some of the ‘terrible two’ behavior has started coming out. Maybe a few times a week she’ll throw a temper tantrum. She’ll throw herself on the floor and cry. We try our best to ignore it and tell her we’re sorry she’s upset, but there is a reason why we’re saying no to something. Reasoning with a 18 month old…ha.

5 thoughts on “All About Miss Ella – 18 Months

  1. Aw, what a cutie! I am seriously in love that she already has such a penchant for style and fashion 🙂 I have to say she and Miles sound a lot alike. I’ve actually hidden “Wheels on the Bus” in a kitchen drawer because I can no longer stand to read it.

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