Anti-Gel Movement

I’m not training for anything at the moment, but I am trying to keep up my running fitness. I’ve been continuing to do weekly longish runs to help ward off those pesky, it’s the season of comfort food, pounds. This weekend I did another 10 mile run, inside because it was all of 14 degrees out Saturday and Sunday. It was fine, nothing spectacular, but I did continue to have a fueling issue.

Lately I cannot stomach gels. I think I’m all gelled out after continuously training for several months. On New Year’s Day I tried out Starbursts as fuel. Though I loved the taste, didn’t do much to boost my energy. Last weekend I tried Swedish Fish…eh. This weekend I went with dried apricots. I think the apricots did the best job so far, though I was totally over the run by mile 8. They were still not quite enough to keep my energy up.

I’ve never really had a problem taking gels. It was just something I had to do to get through longer runs. But, they are expensive and since I’m not really training, maybe my body is just telling me they are frivolous and unnecessary. I need something that will give me a little bigger of a boost.

What are you favorite, non-gel energy boosters?

One thought on “Anti-Gel Movement

  1. I turned anti-gel this summer. I just couldn’t take them. I’m not sure whether it was the heat or my stomach but they didn’t sit right. I turned to Swedish fish, which worked out well, but I’m going to think of trying a raisin-pretzel mix for spring races. I’m not at the gel taking stage of training yet so who knows. I will say that Pretzel M&Ms are no good. They definitely melt in your SPIbelt, not your mouth.

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