What would it take?

Have you ever had an opportunity fall in your lap that made you wonder what if? Over the past few weeks we’ve been struggling to make a decision about one such opportunity. Career-wise for Josh, it is a no brainer. It’s a huge opportunity for him, an opportunity that may never come again. For me and Ella, not such an easy decision.

Here’s the thing, it would involve moving us across the country. Relocating to a place I’ve never been, without any support system. I do have a college girl friend that lives down there, but she would still be a short drive away. I would have to leave my job, which is no finally moving in the direction I’ve hoped it would, with an official promotion/title change and a pay grade bump. Not to mention, a mentor who will be able to teach me more about marketing and help me work towards my future goals of moving up in the company. 

Then there is Ella. She loves her daycare and her teachers. She’s thriving. Our house is the only home she’s ever known. We have a routine, it’s comfortable and familiar. I worry about throwing her world into a tailspin. If we did take this opportunity, I wouldn’t have to go back to work, unless I found a job I really wanted. So, at least instead of throwing her right into a new daycare, a new house, etc. she’d be adjusting to our new life with me at home day in and day out. That part scares me too.  What if I’m a horrible stay at home mom and Ella’s learning becomes stunted?

Can you tell I’m a worrier? From finding new friends, a new house, to being lonely because Josh would be working a lot, to helping Ella grow and thrive, it’s all freaking me out.

We have a few days left to make a final decision. There is no easy answer.

What would it take to uproot your family and move across the country?

5 thoughts on “What would it take?

  1. It’s a tough call, and we’ve often talked about moving. I don’t think there’s ever a right time but the Ella isn’t in school and won’t remember it. They get over things easily. And you are incredibly cool and awesome and would make friends. You could be one of those hip moms who meets friends at the park for stroller runs and coffee after. I can’t tell you to do it but the best decisions are sometimes the hardest. Best of luck!

  2. Do you have family nearby now? That’s so tough. I often wish I had lived somewhere other than Michigan just to experience something new, but now I wouldn’t want to leave behind my family. We have a boy just about Ella’s age, and both sets of grandparents are nearby. We see them all the time, and I wouldn’t want to take that away from him (or us!) now. But it sounds like an amazing opportunity, and if I was in your shoes, and knew I could stay home from then on–it makes the decision so difficult. I hope whatever you decide is perfect for your family. Where are you thinking of moving to? Maybe you have a blog reader out there that could give you a perspective on the area (and be a friend when you arrive!).

  3. Ella will be just fine. She’ll barely remember it, and young kids adapt so easily. I think it would be much harder if she were older (10 or 12). I think there are two big factors: one, having no family around to help. That will be tough. And two: going from a job with upward possibility to being a stay at home mom. Only YOU can decide which one is for you. I personally, would like to be a SAHM (but currently can’t!), so that would be very enticing for me. I think that Ella will thrive with you at home. And there are plenty of opportunities for you to help her learn– there are music classes and little gym classes and all sorts of things. Plus, if you find mommy & me groups, it will also help you meet people. For me, I’d love to be in that situation and maybe take a few years off, and then return to my field. (Again, not in the cards for me right now!) BUT, you have to weigh the issue of not having family around. Such a tough call! But I promise you, no matter what you decide, it will all work out. Also, nothing is TRULY permanent. If you go out there for a few years, and you guys don’t love it, you could always move back. Of course, you have to consider jobs and income and houses and all of that, so you won’t be able to just snap your fingers and move home. BUT if you truly hate it, there will be options. GOOD LUCK!!!

  4. Jess, as someone who’s in a similar scenario I can totally relate. It is tough to be away from family and I often wonder when we have kids what we will do, but you do make friends and things do get easier. It sounds like a wonderful, once-in-a-bluemoon opportunity!

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