Hair and Hearts

You know what works wonders for a woman who is tired, stressed out and in need of some pampering? A few hours at the salon. Finally, finally, I put to use a gift certificate I won at a silent auction back in August. Yep, as is six months ago.  I went in with the longest hair I’ve ever had, with lots of split ends and (shhh!) a few greys. I came out with four inches less and a little new color to boot.

new hair

Of course I was running late today so I had no time to actually style it, but let me tell you, huge improvement. I got way too long in between haircuts and honestly, I never go to a salon. Great Clips does just find trimming my mane. My service yesterday afternoon was a totally different experience. I think this may just have to turn into a normal routine for me. A little something for myself other than running.

Speaking of spending on things for me, we decided that we’re not moving to Georgia. The offer, while good, just wasn’t good enough. We could get by no problem, but unless I found a job in a city with 10% unemployment, those vacations that I love, fun activities like swimming lessons and music classes for Ella, spending money without having to watch every single penny, those days would be gone. We are very blessed and right now we have disposable income that allows us to live a comfortable life. After crunching the numbers, there would just be too little leftover at the end of every month. We like to have a nice buffer in case of emergency. It wouldn’t provide it.

We also had to take into consideration that we’d be moving hundreds of miles from relatives and friends. Though we don’t have family right next door, it is nice to know that my dad and stepmom, brothers and sisters are only an hour away, Josh’s sister, an hour away and his parents only 7 hours away. If we had moved, every visit would be a plane ride. An exceptionally long one if we flew to California to visit my mom, stepdad and siblings. That’s where the disposable income issue really came into play.

So Mile High Jess I’ll remain, at least for the foreseeable future. Talk about a weight off our shoulders! Josh is confident in his decision. He really thought long and hard about it. He spoke with colleagues and former bosses of his about the opportunity and what it may mean for him career. They all told him the same thing, you have to do what is right for your family. Family before career. Though we both had moments when we were super excited at the thought of starting over, we realized our hearts and lives are really here in Colorado. It would take more than money and a big house to make it worth us relocate right now.

And a little picture of my sweet girl just for good measure. She is my mini-me:

and yes, I’ve started a bad bad habit of letting her stand on the counter (with me behind her) to pick out her snack.

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