Valentine’s Day – Toddler Style

I may have started this post a week ago. Better late than never.

Do you remember those Valentine’s Day parties you used to have at school? You made sure you had a Valentine for everyone,with maybe an extra heart on that one person you pretended had cooties on the playground? Weren’t those the days? I found myself having flashbacks when we got our invitation to Ella’s first Valentine’s Day party.

This meant that we had to get her valentines ready. Of to Michael’s we went for some supplies. Note to self,there is no such thing as a quick trip to craft stores with a toddler. Ella loved everything. We walked up and down every single aisle.

V-day 028 V-day 029 V-day 030 V-day 027

I was able to peel her away from the glitter and sparkles with the promise we would make special valentines for her class.

I did the cutting and bows, but Ella did all the coloring and sticker picking out/placement.

V-day 010

V-day 001

V-day 004

She had to make sure the foam heart were not candy.

V-day 003

Wednesday afternoon, she had her first Valentine’s Day party. I got the go ahead to leave work early so that I could attend. It’s these little things that I don’t want to miss.

V-day 014

V-day 015

Her party was all about the snacks. She and her friends sat sweetly at the table enjoying fruit, crackers, cheese, and of course a cookie and cupcake.

V-day 013

V-day 016

V-day 023

You can see what Ella enjoyed the most.

After they finished up, we all played and Ella checked out her owl bag. Several days later she’s still loving her bag. Saying owl and who who.

The simplicity of being a toddler. Love.

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