Three Things (ok Four Things) Thursday

  1. I have been a horrible blogger lately. Truth is things have been pretty boring around my house. I’m currently sick and feeling awful, no trips happening and outside of work, we’ve been relaxing. When we have done stuff like going to the Natural History Museum with Ella for the first time or Super Bowl and Mardi Gras Parties, by the time I get around to uploading pictures, it’s old news. I promise to try a little bit harder to stay on top of things and post more than once a week. If I get desperate, you may start to see lots of videos like this one:

2.   I’ve gotten lazy. Like for real, LAZY. There was week or maybe two, that I only ran 10-12 miles total. That was my exercise for the entire week unless you count carrying around Ella and doing Knees Up Mother Brown with her as we sing with Raffi. Note, if you have a toddler and do not know about Raffi…let me introduce you to the child whisperer. My brother and I loved him when we were young. Ella also loves him. I mean blows him kisses and everything.

3.   I think the terrible two’s actually start at about 18 months. Ella is not terrible by any means, but hello tantrums. I’d say we experience this joy once every other day, if not almost daily. They last for a mere minute, but feel like an eternity. The latest, full body thrown on the ground because daddy tried to put a sweater on her instead of the t-shirt she picked out. It was a rough morning for poor daddy. Our fashionista has very strong opinions about what she wants to wear these days.

4.  One more just because I’m currently freezing which annoys me, because you know it is February and is supposed to be in the upper 50s. I ran 7.25 miles outside on Saturday in shorts and a t-shirt. I got hot. It was my fastest run of the year and the first one I’ve done outside. It felt good, but of course my legs, so used to the nice cushion and level surface of the treadmill, were sore.  When the temperature drops to seasonal averages, I get grumpy now thanks to what feels like spring rather than winter. It’s snowing and supposed to snow again this weekend. Unless it’s a blizzard, no thank you, take it away so I can run outside again and not freeze my now, wimpy butt off in the cold.

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