How do you get them to eat?

It is a quarter to four in the morning. For some reason I am WIDE awake. What do I do when I can’t sleep, well finish watching Argo which I feel asleep watching with Josh earlier tonight and looks up recipes that Ella may actually try. Here’s the problem, I can look up recipes day and night, but my kid does not like to eat.

Poor baby has a bad ear infection. When I took her to the doctor on Thursday, she was a whopping 20 lbs, full clothed with shoes on. Yes, she’s always been on the small side, but her eating habits lately are not helping and it’s starting to worry me. Though she looks proportional, compared to her friends at school, she is skinny.

As of late, she is not eating, well real meals. She’ll eat a bagel with cream cheese, Goldfish, yogurt, green beans, fruit, and blueberry breakfast bars. She may also eat chicken (now only in nugget form) or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We try to give her what we’re eating for dinner, nothing. We give her the same things we’re eating for breakfast and lunch, not a chance. She pushes her plate away. She won’t even eat mac and cheese or pasta both of which I can add extra veggies to for a nutritional boost.

I read about the great things other toddlers her age are eating, eggs, hummus, smoothies, meat, tofu, you know real food. She used to eat all of these things. She was actually more adventurous that I was. I know it’s a toddler thing to be picky, but it’s getting out of hand. I’m getting desperate.

When she won’t eat dinner, we try to stand our ground and not allow her any snacks so that she doesn’t think that it’s ok not to eat the meals we’re providing. Of course, then I feel guilty because she really does need any calories we can get into her.

Help! Suggestions please.

I welcome any and every suggestion you may have.

3 thoughts on “How do you get them to eat?

  1. So we’re both awake as everyone sleeps. Hmph. The time is a bit more respectable here but alas, the house is quiet.

    Miles is eating well enough right now but when he’s in a down time I try to remember what my grandma said: He’ll eat when he’s hungry. That said, I now how frustrating it could be. I know when Leo, Kim f/Girl Evolving’s son, was on the small side they encouraged healthy fats. You could add avocado to cream cheese and still put it on the bagel, increasing amount slightly until she doesn’t notice. You could even do silken tofu. Or peanut butter (If you’ve done PB) + banana. Miles will eat Goldfish till forever and I throw in raisins for a nice sweet-salty, less guilt combo. String cheese or cheese sticks are good and get in some fat. If she’s eating yogurt, I’d mix things into that too. Or try cottage cheese with some baby-baby food whipped in.

    Dinner is our hardest meal, I will say, and it is for my friend with twins. I think it’s as they get fussier, wind down that they don’t want to deal with the table.

    Hang in there!

  2. Not all kids are good eaters! My son will be 2 on 3/29 and he is a pretty picky eater. He refuses to even try most of the foods my husband and I eat. He won’t try most new foods and seems to avoid anything “healthy” except fruit.
    He eats yogurt (sometimes), fruit, Cheerios, chicken nuggets, turkey dogs, crackers of all kinds, Mac and cheese (sometimes), peas, pizza, toast (sometimes), egg noodles. Yesterday he found a baby food pouch and he wanted it, so I have it to him and he sucked it down. So I stocked up last night as a way to sneak veggies into him. Don’t worry too much. She won’t starve herself and it doesn’t mean she will be a picky eater forever. My in-laws are convinced my son is goin to starve to death so of course they want to stuff him with crackers and stuff.
    What about happy baby veggie puffs? I have found that there is a healthier version of most foods my son will eat (or my in-laws feed him in order to get him to eat).

  3. I totally understand this. Some days Leo eats whatever and other days he’s very picky. Does Ella like green smoothies? That’s a great way to get in some greens and healthy fat (peanut butter, avocado) and fruit to make it sweet. Leo shares a giant green smoothie with his dad every morning (maybe Dave drinking it also makes it appealing) so we at least know he’s had SOME veggies even if he refuses them the rest of the day. 🙂

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