The misery

Yesterday morning I was sure morning sickness was rearing its ugly head again. I was very nauseated but was able to eat my breakfast. By lunch time it was getting worse. I sipped some ginger ale and ate a few saltines that my coworker was nice enough to get me. It wasn’t helping. It was able the time I had to sprint from my cube that I realized it was not morning sickness.

It seems that I have food poisoning or a stomach virus. I may not be certain of what it is, but I certainly hate all that it entails. I barely made it home before I completely fell apart. Since then it’s been applesauce, crackers and the tiniest sips of Gatorade. I was up all night and though trying my best to get some real work done while I lay in bed, sitting up is not helping the situation. I’m being neurotic about checking my temperature to make sure my fever doesn’t rise above the 100 degrees it’s been sitting at. Nothing like being sick while pregnant.

I just pray that Ella and Josh to not get whatever I have. Fingers crossed it is not contagious.

One thought on “The misery

  1. Oh no! I had this last week, and it was absolute misery. I was lucky to make it to the bathroom on time for each “episode” and could barely stay awake long enough to take Miles to daycare. I hope you feel better soon. Take care of YOU!

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